Jul. 12th, 2017

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The weather network tells me it's 26C (79F) but feels like 36C (97F).  Walking into a sauna is what it feels like. So sticky.  Sooooooooooo grossly sticky.


They are predicting a major thunderstorm.  Because, you know, it's 26C and 87% humidity!


Had to go to Lansing, MI overnight last week for a brief family visit.  The downtown is full of beautiful buildings and the parking is free after 6 pm. It was hot even after dark and the mosquitoes feasted upon every damned millimeter of my exposed flesh.  I was shocked and appalled to discover that a can of Rustoleum 2X spray paint (a.k.a.The Good Stuff) only costs USD $3.47 at Wal-Mart  - even with the gawd-awful exchange rate, that is CHEAP spray paint. On the upside, there was Sonic.  Green apple slushes are the best thing ever.

Speaking of spray paint, is Robert Del Naja actually Banksy?  Are you actually Banksy?  Are you sure?  If you were, could you prove it?  Would you want to? 

The modern art scene is complicated. ( For proof, read anything about Damien Hirst.  Or about a very award-winning piece called shedboatshed.  Or watch Exit Through the Gift Shop )


Trying to think of something interesting to say...nothing is happening.  Here is a cute puppy instead:

super cute puppy

That is a super cute puppy. 


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