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'Tis the season!

First Festive Special of the year done and dusted!  Bring on the holidays!


Remember the Paris 8 sqm apartment from the other day?  I think this place might be hard to live in too, but for very different reasons.

house_of_colours<---------------Click it!

How about you?  The sort of place you'd enjoy living in, or not?

(It has its charms.  The setting seems lovely.  And I do like the repainted stove. Beyond that?  Um...  )


My husband and I trade magazines with his parents. My MIL sent me the March 2014 issue of Food Network Magazine, which contains, among other things, this recipe:

Bacon Shortcakes with Peanut Butter Whipped Cream

I don't think they're joking...

Your kinda thing?  I still haven't decided.  But the idea of peanut butter whipped cream is not without its appeal.


Today's topic:

Do you enjoy growing old or do you fight against it?

Allow me to take a third position.  I don't enjoy it at all, but so far it beats the alternative. But fighting it is pointless. And it's a battle you cannot win. Humans are built to last about 35 years - everything after that is gravy.  Treat it as such.

Woo hoo! The weekend!  Bet there'll be yard work!

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Roasted the last of the tomatoes, hot peppers and tomatillos from the garden, added onions, bell peppers, garlic and spices, prepared and canned (okay, glass jarred) three large bottles of roasted vegetable salsa (more or less this recipe, except for the not paying too much attenion to how much of everything I use) before 11 a.m. Boo yah! I deserve a medal or a vacation or a massage or something. I will have to settle for salsa, I guess.

The internet asks, "Could you live in tiny 8 sqm (86 sq ft) flat in Paris?"

I reply, "No, no I could not."  Cool what they've done with the place, though. I admire clever design, but I think I'd like, at minimum, a chair with a back, you know? When the toilet is the most inviting piece of furniture in a home, you have to ask yourself some serious questions about form and function.

And the maids for whom those rooms wre designed:  what must their lives have been like?

Did some accidental research re: what did trick-or-treaters get at Halloween during The Depression.  Apparently, there were no trick-or-treaters back then.  Trick-or-treating the way we think of it didn't become a 'universal' North American thing until after the 1920's.  The more you know, kids.

Tomorrow, after a ten year lead-up, The Rosetta Space Craft is scheduled to land on Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko.  I am torn between 'really cool' and 'collosal waste of resources.' Oh science, you are a conflicting mistress.

It was 17C here today.  Lovely day for November.  :D

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Good lord, how is it not even 5 pm yet? It's been Wednesday for at least two weeks...
I have spent part of the day gluing glitter to squirt guns. Well, mostly waiting for the glue to dry between applications of glitter to the squirt guns. I am not sure I really qualify as sane anymore. Or ever did.
I've been invited to two holiday "do's" in the past two days. I am not mentally, emotionally, or spiritually prepared for the procuring of evening wear this entails.
Today's prompt:

Do you feel you have found your voice on your blog? What techniques have you tried to develop your voice in your writing? What are some characteristics of your personality in your writing?

What they heck are they talking about?

So instead, let's go with this question that everyone thinks about all the time everyday almost pretty much:

What's your favourite kind of architecture?

Why, thanks for asking! I have a weakness for Mid-century modern! You know, butterfly roofs and clerestory windows and linear, open design and and pony walls made of concrete screen block - all that stuff. (All the furniture should be Danish, teak, and profoundly uncomfortable, but a feast for the eyes and soul. Kay, maybe just the eyes.) Think the Brady Bunch House. Or Fred Flintstone's place.

Why do I bring this up? Because there's a place about half a mile from here that is a glorious example of this design and it's being let go to rack and ruin! (or maybe wrack and ruin - style guide differ) It breaks my heart! It makes me want to form the RSPCAA (Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Awesome Architecture, since you ask) so I can rescue this work of maddening art! Only, you know, people are a bit funny about you 'rescuing' their houses away. I have an uphappy feeling someone is going to knock all its one-storey wonderousness down so they can build a giant ugly grey stucco monstrosity with a four car garage on the lot. It will be a real shame.
Clear sign of creeping old age? Giving a shit about who builds what in your neighbourhood. Get off my lawn!
My husband is not going to be home for dinner tonight, so I am trying to decide if I should have leftover curry or leftover Halloween candy for dinner. (But not Leftover Halloween Candy Curry - that would one fusion dish too far.)

Just Say No.


Well, that killed an hour. Netflix and leftovers, ho!
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...shoulda been better.  Just sayin'.

Also, I was in Pittsburgh last week. The bits I saw (very few) were lovely, and also there was flash flooding (by its very nature, less lovely).  

We went to FALLINGWATER.  It was awesomely awesome. "Better than 'Fright Night?'" I hear you ask.

Yeah.  And it didn't even have any half-naked David Tennant, so go fig.


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