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This thing can't be really real, can it?

The evolutionry point of it is confusing, to say the least.

But then, the same can be said for the measles vaccine naysayers, too, come to that.

Is it spring yet?  How about now?

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Oh my god, we're back again...(for the meta, natch)

It's November! And that means more frequent ramblings! YOU LUCKY PEOPLE!

Right. My computer broke. I mean, I turned it on and - nothing happened. And kept happening. No whirring, no purring, no demand for a password, nothing. So naturally, I unplugged it, plugged it back in again, fiddled with all the cables and wires, swore both colorfully and creatively, and then, when all else had failed, demanded my husband MAKE IT WORK RIGHT NOW! Said husband, while mostly awesome, was unable to comply, but very gallantly offered to drop it off at the local geekery on the way to work (in part, no doubt, to get away from the sweary demanding woman bashing aimlessly at her keyboard.)

One day, they said, maybe two. Three at the very most.

It took two weeks.

It was both upsetting and weirdly relaxing. But it came home last evening, started working the second I plugged it in, and the love affair was immediately rekindled.

We had 14 trick-or-treaters (did kids trick-or-treat during the Depression? If so, what did they get? Failed stock certificates? Apple cores? A rock? Two rocks? Embittered???? Must research this extensively when I have done absolutely everything else there is to do...) last night. This is, without exaggeration, more than we have had in the last 3 years combined.

It has been half-assedly snowing all day. No accumulation, but dammit! SNOW?!?!?! Now I am thinking about Christmas-y stuff. (Which is as depressing as fuck.)

I feel yucky. I think I've caught some bug. Yay! only not.
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Is "don't upload naked pictures of yourself/loved ones to the internet" too obvious??

Humans.  Feh.


Aug. 24th, 2014 08:36 am
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Capaldi is good.  The episode was...okay.  Just. Go away, Clara.  You are boring.
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So it's my anniversary...

...and my husband has invited two dozen people over (not for the anniversary per se - he forgot about that -  "I knew the date sounded familiar," said he, in an attempt to be stabbed to death, but never mind...)

..and my toilets have all decided working is for suckers.

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We haven't had one of these is days....
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Powerful spring storm set to wallop Ontario

Environment Canada issues a special weather statement that's predicting up to 50mm of rain or wet snow.


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