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I'm being dragged, er, taken to see Spectre at 10:30 pm (and it's 2 and a half hours long because why?? No, really, why?) so I am posting my oh-so-brilliant prose now so all y'all won't be left without.  Give, give, give - that's all I do...

(Wow - 'give' is a weird looking word, esp three times in a row.)


I need one of these:

I might just have to make one.  Or an XFiles version.
For reasons.


I can't recommed this book enough:


Have you read anything good lately? 
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So there I was, driving along, minding my own business, listening to the radio ( can I describe 'radio' to you young people?  TV without pictures?  Ipod without making anyone at Apple rich?  Hmmm...that is a puzzler)  when I hear A Christmas Song!!!!  And not a great one either.  Driving Home for Christmas by Chris Rea, (No, I won't link, cuz it's just not very good) which contains such deathless lyrics as:

And it's been so long
But I will be there
I sing this song
To pass the time away
Driving in my car
Driving home for Christmas

I mean, come on!  If you are going to jump the season, radio programming gurus, do it with something passable!
Today's topic:

What is the one appliance you can't live without?

I like to think I could live without most modern conveniences, that, come the zombie apoclypse, I'd be one of the bad-asses with a poor attidue and a blow torch.  But let's be honest: I'd be New! Improved! Conveniently Packaged, ZombiChow!

If we do not conisder the computer, (or the internet, for which it stands) or telephones as appliances, then I'd have to say....

The electric rice cooker.

HEAR ME OUT! Some meals call for rice.  And for no reason I can fully comprehend, any attempt I have made to cook rice in a pot on the stove has been abysmal.  The microwave method is okay, but for the 12.95+tax I spent 12 years ago, I can have perfectly cooked rice every single time.

So that's it. The electric rice cooker.

Unless we are including the modern washing machine.  Because that wins, and will always win. Forever. (If you don't believe me, watch THIS.  It's eye-opening.)

----------------------- chose exposure as its word of the year.  Seriously?  It's like they weren't even trying.

Watched the first two new episodes of Ripper Street.  It's one of those shows - when it's good, it's great.  When it's bad, it is really really really profoundly bad.  So far for this season, so good.  (And Louise Brealey is in it!)

Need something for a fancy holiday function?

You're welcome.
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It's cold.  So not a fan of the cold.

Today's suggested topic is:

Have you ever had extended writer's block? How long did it last? What did you do to break out of it...?

I don't experience writer's block so much as I experience disinterest, distraction, and general malaise.  Do I get stuck?  You bet.  And when I have to get something written, the best way out of it is always -  ALWAYS -  to 'talk' it out with someone (by 'talk' I generally mean email or IM - I don't really have any meat friends I can talk writing with.)  When I am really stuck and my sounding board(s) aren't working for me, I turn to some other creative pursuit - sewing, crafting, even baking - so I am distracted enough to let my subconcious work on the problem without me.

But I am so lazy.  And writing is a dumb hobby.

I want this for Christmas:

Yup, that's right - a kitchen gadget. Christ, I am old.

Question:  How cool are these?

Answer: damned cool.


A number of publications believe I should be making Horseradish Vodka as a gift for friends and loved ones.

I believe they are wrong.  How about you?  Ever had the stuff?  Would you welcome a bottle gladly, or would you say, "Oh Amanda, really, you shouldn't have.  Really really."

My husband has decided to grow an evil!Spock beard. You know the one:

It's distrubingly sexy. ::: shrug ::: it just is.
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A topic! A topic! My kingdom for a topic!!!

We had nice weather for about an hour, so I cut back the herb garden - mint, lemon balm, thai basil, parsley, lemon grass, lavender. It smelled amazing.

I was at the thrift store yesterday and bought a $1 book called The Extraordinary Journey of the Fakir Who Got Trapped in an Ikea Wardrobe. I have no idea what it's REALLY about, but with a title like that? I'm only human.

I want these. I just do!

Have you seen this? (Click it!):

It's stunning.

Tomorrow there will be a topic! (One that doesn't look too promising, but, well, such is life.) At this rate, I'll have to adopt a cat.
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The man who invented CorningWare, Dr. Don Stookey, died this week at the age of 99. While not quite as amazing as the invention of air conditioning, CorningWare, in its many forms, is damned close.

Spare him a thought during this most casserole-y of seasons, won't you?
New Toy Story Movie? Why? The third one was perfect.
You know those stick figure families you see on the back windows of cars (or, let's be honest, vans and SUVs)? This product almost makes it worth while.
Today's topic is:
Where is the one place you would never want to go on vacation that other people seem to love?

Well, there are the (for me) obvious places, like climbing Everest or K2 or whatever, cuz that is insanity. I mean, it's not a popular holiday destination, but it's more popular than makes any kind of sense to me. It's expensive, dangerous, cold, dangerous, pointless, and did I mention dangerous? I don't get it.

On a more domestic level, you'll never catch me volunteering to go camping. Why? In god's name, why? camping is where they keep the bugs, the marauding wild animals, other asshole campers, and guys who like to murder people they find in tents. No thank you please. I own house. I own a car. I have a credit card that any hotel would accept in a pinch. So why would I do that to myself?
It's supposed to rain all weekend. Feel my joy - feel it!


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