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Woo hoo!  I did it!!!!  Victory!!!!!!!  (Like it was rocket surgery or something.)

30.We started the month with something funny. Send us off with something else that tickles your funny bone!

Watch all of Arrested Development. ALL OF IT.  It's insanely funny and a lot brilliant.
Thanks to those of you who were kind enough to read and comment this month.

Well, NaBloPoMo, this has been very interesting. I look forward to the court case.
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Happy Friday to youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!

To absolutely no one's surprise Sherlock is back January first on BBC One.  (And the beeb's marketing department is AWESOME!)

Today's prompt:

29. What movie, book, or TV episode makes you cry without fail? (Or get wibbly, if you're not a crier.)

Truly, if my mood and my hormones are right, I can cry at mutual fund commercials. I have cried at many a goofy damned thing (I wept like a baby when Angel took Connor's crib apart!  I cried along when Scully stood by William's bed and cried!  And do not get me started on John Watson talking to Sherlock's gravestone. Just don't)  I cry at fic, for heaven's sake.  So there's no one thing.
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I am having an insanely angst-y day.  I am not enjoying it.

Moving on:

28. What fandom and/or ship do you Just Not Get that everyone else seems to love?

Harry Potter.  I mean, there's a lot of stuff I don't get (Welcome to Nightvale? Twilight? Really? Really really?) but Harry Potter is easily the biggest fandom that leaves me cold. I tried reading the first book three times and just couldn't slog past the second chapter (and it was the slimmest of the 42 books in that series).  I saw the first film with my nephew and it was well-made and looked nice but - shrug.  Nothing.

(And let's not even go into the vast amounts of kiddy porn that fandom appears to have generated, shall we?)

In other news, they are promising me snow. Is it summer yet?
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How is it the 27th?  How?

Today's prompt:

27. What's a TV show you don't particularly like anymore, but still watch for some reason?


I don't have one.  I get fed up swiftly.  I'm still giving SHIELD a shot, but they've gotta up their game but fast. (I don't happen to be a member of the "Joss Can Do No Wrong" congregation, but Joss can do a lot of right, so I'm giving it a chance.)  I gave up on Buffy after season 5 (which was two more seasons than it deserved.)  And I watched BSG until the bitter bitter bitter end (did I mention bitter?).  Oh! Dexter.  Season six was terrible, so I stopped after like the third episode. Other than that, I don't watch a lot of first-run t.v. cuz I just can't sit still that long.

(27 a) (If you're smarter than most of us, which show did you want to love, but gave up on?)

Bones. Sons of Anarchy.  The Sopranos.
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Today's prompt comes to you in two parts:

26. It's officially one month till Christmas!

Oh god oh god oh god OH GOD!!

(26 a) Post your favorite holiday song.

This bit is slightly less anxiety-inducing.

Thisis the first thing I play every holiday season:

I don't even KNOW why.

Close second:

Now I have to go get my hair dyed.  SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO glam!
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Happy Monday! Ha ha ha!

Today's prompt:

25. We're on a roll with the holiday stuff. So... what's your favorite holiday movie or TV episode?

As mentioned yesterday, the Clone High Snowflake Day episode. It's demented, but in the best way, and it will forever change your life - FOREVER!

A Charlie Brown Christmas has the best sound track ever.

A Christmas Story is fun every time.

The Bishop's Wife with Loretta Young, David Niven and Cary Grant, because LORETTA YOUNG, DAVID NIVEN, and  CARY GRANT.

Elf is surprisingly charming.

Muppet's Christmas Carol is wonderful. ("We're Marley and Marley - woooooooooooooo!!")

The REAL Miracle on 34th Street.

Rudolph, natch.

Nativity! is really fun. (Martin Freeman makes everything he's in better (tm) )

And my husband LOVES National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation, so I watch that at least once a year, too.


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Q: Day of the Doctor?
A: YES!!!!!!!!!


This is so much fun!


Today's prompt:

24. What's a special tradition in your family that makes the holiday season special to you?

(Other than repeating special twice in under 20 words?)

We do all the 'normal' stuff - turkey dinner with many of the fixin's (canned yams and marshmallows? Honestly people, that is just GROSS), lights, presents, arguments about insanely pointless and ultimately meaningless nonsense, driving around in miserable weather because god forbid both families just get together and be civil for a few hours, no, no, can't have that!, me being annoyed because I can't watch the Dr Who Christmas special right damned now, overwhelming anxiety, crushing disappointment, a keen desire for it all to be over.  You know, the usual.

But we do some fun stuff, too. There's the Sci-Fi/Fandom tree ("It's not really Christmas until there's a Klingon with a bat'leth hangin' on the tree!"), Gingerbread Kryceks, a (possibly wine-soaked) viewing of Clone High Snowflake Day ("Specificity be the enemy of unity!" Lamb tacos! "Oh give me some spices!" "I'm fat!" "I want some parsley!" "Here, we eat our mistakes! Mangez le verre! Man-gez le verre!!!" "Now, let us all join in a traditional All Religions Are Equally Valid Traditional Snowflake Day Celebratory Cabbage Patch!" King Kwanzaa! Dredlestein!) homemade Christmas crackers (Fun! Easy! Also fun!), and of course, breakfast corn (recipe follows):

Breakfast Corn
1 can niblets-style corn
can opener
microwave save bowl big enough for contents of the can

(1) Ten minutes before dinner is ready to be served, remember that you promised one of the more demanding diners that despite cooking fresh and delicious food for the last three days, no, no problem at all, you'd be only too damned happy to heat up a can of corn!

(2) Open can of corn

(3) Pour corn into bowl

(4) Microwave on full power for 3 minutes

(5) Serve dinner

(6) The next morning, open the microwave, only to discover you forgot to serve the corn.  Now it's breakfast corn!

(7) Throw entire contents in food waste recycling bin

(8) Repeat each and every holiday

NOTE: It's harder to make this dish since I now have a microwave that buzzes and buzzes and buzzes after it finishes cooking until you open the door, but, luckily, there is usually someone around who is willing to turn the microwave off without actually taking the food out :D

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Happy Who Day 2, and a joyous simulcast to all!
(Plans?  Me?  Not really.  Just unplugging the phone at 2:30 p.m., that's all.)

Today's topic:

23. The holidays are coming. Which means good food. Share a recipe for a dish you love to enjoy during the Merry Thanksmas season. (So we can enjoy it too!)

The holidays are HERE!  Celebrate!

If you like something a little more traditional:

Gingerbread Kryceks
(Yes, I really do make these every year.  The kids would be very disappointed if I did not. It would be like not having a Klingon with a bat'leth on the tree.)

3 cups flour
½ teaspoon baking soda
¼ teaspoon baking powder
¾ teaspoon salt
½ cup unsalted butter, softened
½ cup dark brown sugar, packed
½ tablespoon ground ginger
2 teaspoons cinnamon
½ teaspoon ground cloves
½ teaspoon nutmeg
1 egg
¾ cup molasses
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
gingerbread man shaped cookie cutter(s)
parchment paper
(trust me on this one)


Mix the flour, baking soda, baking powder and salt together in a bowl
with a whisk and set aside.

In a large bowl mix together
butter and brown sugar on medium speed until fluffy.

Blend in spices. Blend in the egg, molasses and
vanilla extract.

Gradually blend in the flour mixture.

Wrap the dough and chill for 1 to 2 hours.

Roll chilled dough on a floured surface to approx. 1/8-inch
thickness.  Cut out tough-guy cookie shapes. 
With a dull knife
(for maximum authenticity), remove left arm from each cookie.

Place the cookies on a parchment-lined baking sheet. Bake in a preheated
350 degree oven for about 12 minutes, or until edges start to brown.

Cool completely. Decorate as desired. (Black icing makes nice oilien eyes)

Have a great day!

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Happy WhoDay!

This is gorgeous:

Build your own TARDIS!

Today's question: 

22. Tell us about the obscure fandom/ship you love that you wish there was MOAR fic for. (Or any fic at all.)

The world needs more Martin Crieff/Her Serene Highness Princess Theresa Gustava Buenoventura of Lichtenstein, Countess of Spondheim, and Protector Extraordinary of the Cantons of Nimh. Obviously. Good Martin/Molly is a close second. Cabin Pressure is amazing.

(And I'd love more GOOD  Sherlolly. Most of it is...not awesome.) (There, I said it. Hate me all you want cuz SOOOOOOO not caring.)

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I have to go to the big city today, so I am posting early. Yeah, that's how I roll..

Today's unfathomable question:

21. What about LJ keeps you coming back? (Because let's be honest. This place is old. BUT WE ALL LOVE IT ANYWAY. WHY???)

I don't even know what that means. Or what it's supposed to mean. Tumblr is in full of lunatics (need a laugh? Read a 'social justice' tumblr thread. The self-righteous insane are always funny!) and twitter/instagram is for people who need to take pictures of their meals. NEED!!! Yeah, no.

Real life people are mostly tedious and dull - many are both. The reason I am here is because all my old fandom outlets sort of dried up, so I followed the stragglers this way. I need community. Desperately.

On that cheery note,

Conflicted?  Who, me?
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Today's puzzler:

20. Who is your favorite sidekick?

John Watson, as played by Martin Freeman (this pic just about sums up the series to date ) but he's so much more than a sidekick, so I'd have to say, this guy:


"I see more than anybody realizes because nobody's watching me."


Xander Harris. Cute, sweet, funny, loyal, brave, fearless, strong.  No special powers, no special training, no one's first choice, everyone's last resort.  He got knocked down, but got back up, over and over and over, only to get knocked down again.  He loved not wisely but too well, too much, and truly.  He was utterly, utterly, awesome (until he wasn't anymore. But let's not go there. Let me remember the first three seasons of Buffy in a happy haze of nostalgia, okay?) 

I was watching you, Xander, honey.  I was always watching you.

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19. What about fandom drives you crazy sometimes?

The drama.  Lord, lord, LORD, THE DRAMA!!!!!!!

Also, when other people insist on being wrong.  On the internet.

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My car is full of ants. ANTS!!!!!!!!!  Happy fucking Monday to me.

Today's suggested topic: 

18. Share your favorite fandom places/sites outside of LJ.

Um, I don't really have any inside LJ, so, um. Yeah. Honestly, I don't exactly get how LJ works, or is supposed to work (since sometimes "works" and "LJ" seem incompatible terms). So I do all my fangirling at the usual places:







Craftser (how do you not love a place with the motto "no tea cozies without irony" ?)

(I also fangirl the Vlogbrothers a bit.  John more than Hank, but well.  Yeah, Nerdfighter from WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY back)

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Greetings from Glitter Central !!!!!!!!! (they don't call it "the herpes of the craft world" for nothing.)

Today's question is easy:

17. What song(s) always reminds you of that One Fandom Moment?

There are a few songs I associate with fandom-y things, but none as strongly as this one (sorry the quality is crap - it's all I could find):

No matter who is singing, no matter if I'm in the car or at the mall or in the frozen food aisle, I grin every time I hear Walking in Memphis. And not a small, furtive, secret grin, either, but the kind of grin which almost inevitably makes whoever I am with ask exactly what the heck I'm grinning about, (when it should be obvious - Philistines!)

Of course any bit of the theme song from Shaft gives me the giggles, too.


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Today's entry comes to you in three parts:

Décor Status:

(1) Three more rockets - still AWESOME!

(2) Death Star - also awesome

(3) Tardis - refuses to stay glued. She is a difficult mistress.

(4) Yellow car - acquired

(5) Glitter - everywhere!!! Must vacuum.

[ profile] xf_santa - go sign up.  I am offering rewards!!!! 

Today's suggested topic:

16. What are your favorite doomed ships? (And a bunch of other stuff blah blah).

My first thought was "Well, I don't have any of those." My second was "Unless you count..."

The first is David Addison and Maddie Hayes (Bruce Willis had so much hair!) Moonlighting. One of the first shows that really gave us what we thought we wanted. And then OMG, what a mess. Her real-life pregnancy, his ballooning ego, problems behind the scenes, and the fact that these two characters, no matter how hot they were together, were not even a bit compatible. Doomed, my friends, doomed.

Then there was Hunter and McCall. I never even watched Hunter, but when  [ profile] syntax6 recently introduced me, it was sooooooooo easy to see all the chemistry that would end up going to waste.

Then there were the doomed ships of the Jossverse:

* Buffy and Angel

* Buffy and Spike

* Cordelia and Xander

* Cordelia and Angel

* Cordelia and Quinn

* Cordelia and Wesley

* Angel and Darla

* Willow and Xander

* Willow and Oz

* Willow and Tara

But the most horrible and egregious

* Wesley and Fred !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So, yeah, I guess I do have a few of those, after all. ;)

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There's Glitter Everywhere!!!!!!
Sci-Fi/Fandom Tree Check-In

(1) retro-rockets - made three. They are AWESOME! Making more asap.

(2) death star - first attempt led to something else altogether (the way things so often do). Making a second attempt later today.

(3) Tardis - cut, prepped and painted. I need it to dry so I can finish it.

(4) Realized that the fandom bit of my tree needs a yellow car. And maybe a lemon. Or a Toblerone? Hmmm.

When I figure out how to take decent pictures, I will.


Also[ profile] xf_santa sign-ups are under way. 750 words! How easy is that? So easy!!!

[ profile] xf_santa
The X-Files gift exchange for the holidays, signups end November 25!


On to today's prompt:

(15) ...pimp something you've made and/or written.

I've made and/or written lots. (It's all at gossamer, I think. Definitely at my site. I intend to make and/or write more. The road to hell and all that.

I would like to pimp, er, promote the Xmas Holiday Reading List.   I know it's early to start partaking (what with American Thanksgiving STILL not being over), but I am always looking for new fic to add to the list. If you know of some, let me know!

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Today's suggestion is:

14. Write about your first fandom crush(es). (Post a picture of them if you can!)

but I've done this already, haven't I? Batman, Star Trek, etc etc etc.

So instead I am going to tell you about today's exciting plans! My husband is en route to Montreal, my kid borrowed the car, so I am home and refusing to do anything useful or adult!

Instead, I'm going to make ornaments for my sci-fi x-mas tree!!!

Click for the thrilling origin story! )

Since then, we've had a sci-fi tree every year. (As we say around here, "It's not really Christmas until there's a Klingon with a bat'leth hangin' on the tree!)   We/I make new decorations every year (we could buy them all, sure, but what fun is that? None at all, that's what.) Today I have decided to start on this year's additions:

(1) some retro-rockets from up-cycled dollar store ornaments

(2) a Death Star  

(3) a Tardis (probably using a toothpaste box)

(4) an IOU apple

I will post the results, you lucky people!  :D

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Today I'm supposed to

13. Post a photo that you love.

This is tricky. I should probably post a favourite pic of my family, my kids, the holidays, a vacation, something like that.  And yes, there are plenty of those, but that seems so... invasive (to put it mildly).  So here's one I really like of my late, goofy, dumb dog, Spooky.  (Guess why we named him that.  go on, guess.) 

Read more... )

Spooky had 1,000,001 bad habits.  He stole food.  He barked at every leaf, twig, and bug that flew by.  His personal motto was "the price of catlessness is eternal vigilance" and it's a duty he took seriously. He knew when you were driving past a Tim Horton's and tried to jump into the driver's seat with you, hoping there'd be a stop at the drive-thru and a free day-old timbit for him (so much fun!).  He had an intense dislike of lights flashing past the front window (he'd start barking like a maniac, running back and forth, losing his grip.  We called him Duane Doggy when he did this, in tribute to Duane Barry).  He was also insanely camera shy. It was almost impossible to get a picture of him that wasn't just a shot of his butt as he ran away at top speed. I managed to get this one when he was otherwise distracted, probably by a leaf, twig, bug, or cat.

I just like the way it looks.

And now I am tearing up over my stupid dog. I am such a wuss.

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The day I've been dreading:

12. Okay. Let's be real. We all have lives outside of fandom. What else are you obsessed with, or particularly good at, that most LJ'ers don't know about?






Sleepy Hollow continued on its awful merry way last night (although Crane's outrage over bottled water was wonderful and the discussion of Thomas Jefferson and Sally Hemings was just plain hysterical).  This show can't seem to decide what it wants to be when/if it grows up. And John Cho, with which of the Star Trek guys did you lose a bet?  And how long must you keep paying?  (I wonder if Tom Mison ever wakes up and thinks "for this I went to Webber-Douglas?" And then he checks his bank balance and thinks "Oh yeah! For THIS I went to Webber-Douglas!")

Today's essay topic: What American TV does to British actors. Or is it more a case of what British actors do to themselves? (Hugh Laurie and Angela Landsbury notwithstanding.  Joan Collins very much withstanding.) Discuss.

I have to go to Wal-Mart and Target. That knowledge alone makes it hard to put on pants.

Does anyone know if there will be XF Secret Santa or something similar this year? I'd like to participate, but I need (tons of) advanced warning!

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Happy Monday and other oxymorons!!!!! (apparently there is no plural for oxymoron.  Go fig)

Today's prompt is:

11. What movie are you most looking forward to this holiday season? (Link to a trailer so we can experience the impending awesomeness too!)

Wow. I'm not really. I mean, I see The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug because I am 3/5 geek (maybe 4/5?) and that is what my people do.  (Also, hot dwarf is no doubt still hot). Ditto Ender's Game. It'll either be great or really not great. I will probably see it, either way.

The Book Thief is also being released. If it's like the book, I think it will be too miserable to watch in the theatre, but I will definitely see it, probably at home.

August: Osage County. What can I say? I probably won't see it in the theatre. Then I'll watch the vid and think "Oscar bait, Oscar bait, over the top, Jesus God,Oscar bait..." I hope I'm pleasantly surprised by how wrong I am about that.

Ben Stiller's The Secret Life of Walter Mitty looks like it might be lots and lots and lots of fun. Here's hoping.

Today I have to drive 8 enormous paper bags full of leaves to their new home at the dump - ooops, I mean household and yard waste reclamation and transfer station.  Which is like a dump with a nicer name and fewer gulls.

My life is so glamourous!


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