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My husband gave me a tablet (Samsung Galaxy something or other) because I told him I wanted something with all the fun stuff of a smart phone without anyone actually being able to call me and whine on it.  (I'm like that.  Humans.  Feh.)

I've just spent an hour (plus) squinting and swearing in its general direction. I have a sore throat and a horrible headache.

Yay technology! Only not so much.
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...and so....

First, [ profile] aloysiavirgata has posted a great new XF fic, Lacuna.  Read it.  It's terrific.

Second, anyone have any ideas for a pot luck take along veggie side dish that isn't the same old thing?
maybe_amanda101: (between_the_dames) [ profile] cinvidiosa!  Have a happy happy -- ct scan?!  (You do know how to party...)  
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I'm really not about trying to convert anyone to anything.  Live and let live, says I.

But OMG, people!!  If you haven't seen Series One of Sherlock (yeah, yeah, 3 episodes does not a series make, I know, I know) do yourself three favours and watch it! And then come back and ask me how you can see the two new ones, and the one coming up on Sunday.

(Sidenote: Like his name, Cumberbatch's face grows on you.   And if you're a geek {you're reading this so, um, surrender any illusions to the contrary} you'll be seeing enough of it in the near future.  [And Christ, can the man act.]  And Martin Freeman makes any thing he's in better, and this is no exception. And he's a hobbit; well, THE Hobbit.   Also, Rupert Graves.  Yes, THAT Rupert Graves.  Him. In it. Yes.)

Okay, shutting up now.
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If not, why not?  It's about the most beautiful thing ever put on film.  The acting is fabulous, the writing is sharp (if not a little bizarre) and visually, it's just stunningly gorgeous. (The scene with the carpet - THE SCENE WITH THE CARPET!!)

I got it at the public library and it's apparently all over netflix, so it's not hard to find. (It's a tiny bit longer than it needs to be, but, well, once a beta...) 

Really, give it a shot.  It's not like a lot of things you've seen before or are likely to see again.

maybe_amanda101: (Default) the greatest  man who ever lived.  Every grade school, public building, and enclosed space in North America (at least!) should be named in his honour. 

Which is to say is 32 degrees C, feels like 43 degrees C, but NOT IN MY HOUSE.

Come thither?  You betcha!

I hope he got stupidly wealthy.

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This week's Torchwood sucked.

And Doris Egan wrote it.

Let's pretend it's a coincidence, shall we?
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~~~It's Towel Day!~~~

The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (the book, not the abysmal, horrid, really bad and quite awful movie) changed my life in about 16 meaningful ways, among them - first serious boyfriend, first serious fling, first non-serious fling, second, third, and fourth non-serious flings (that was a busy summer). It also got me the only A+++ I ever received at university, so the the Type-A girl who lives inside my slacker-self loves it even more. I have probably read it fifty times. I will probably read it fifty more - it is my go-to 'I've had enough of reading this pretentious crap' book; it is the printed equivalent of chocolate ice cream with Hershey's syrup (from the can, not the squeeze bottle), mashed potatoes, tea and cinnamon toast, and any other comfort food you could name.

When people say they don't get, I genuinely feel bad for them.

And, yeah, of course I know where my towel is.


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