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Jul. 1st, 2013 11:24 am
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Happy Canada Day!  (The weather sucks, my family is descending, and my husband had to work because it's not a statutory holiday in Houston, but then Texas is an imaginary place anyway...)

On another note...

My mom lives across and two doors down from Dave Bolland's parents.  The Leafs got Bolland in a really strange trade.  My mom is giddy - actually giddy.  WTF???  (Most of you do not understand anything I just said.  Hahahahahahahahahaahahaha!)

Hockey - it does stuff to you.

Must go ice cupcakes...
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'Britishisms' Creeping into American English

Who knew?  Oh wait, me.   {And some of those Britishisms have been Canadianism since, like, forever.  And Dr. Who and Sherlock and Being Human (the good one) and Luther and, weirdly, Doc Martin, have messed up my vocab way more than Downton Abbey ever could, yeah?}

And who deliberately reads The Daily Mail? 

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     This is Sherlock's slightly older cousin, Jean-Pierre (his boyfriend is the one with the ridiculous hair).  He is an  insanely successful film and theatre producer in Paris.  In his life, he has managed to get into WAAAAAAAAAY more trouble than Sherlock ever has.

     Specifically for that reason, Sherlock adores him.

Click Jean-Pierre
for Chapter 12

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Click on Bob! for chapter 11
  This is Sherlock's cousin Bob! Bob was at Violet's party. Bob is a pediatrician (although he probably thinks he is a paediatrician). He is also a renowned philanthropist, who spends his holidays doing medical volunteer work at the orphanages (plural) he funds. At home in his stone cottage in Devon, Bob runs an organic carrot farm.  He's charming and personable.

  Molly thinks he's nice, and a bit cute.

  Sherlock totally hates that guy.

(You'd never believe how much of Obbligato
we owe to Bob!)


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