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So there is an article in this week's Economist - Youthful Spirits. It's primarily about how "...the blood of young animals... may be able to ameliorate at least some of the effects of ageing..." which, yeah okay, that's a pretty big MAY there, guys. But the best part of the article (after the line, No jokes about vampires, please) is a description of parabiosis experiments carried out by a dentist named Kamrin in the 1950s. Essentially, he cut a small bit of skin from each of two rats, then sutured them together at the site of the wounds. He discovered that in a matter of weeks the animals' blood vessels began to merge, and the animals essentially ended up sharing a circulatory system. All well and good, but (1) the point of these experiments was to prove that sugar causes tooth decay (no, really, this was the best experimental design he could come up with to prove that) and (2) the revelation that the technique was "...kind of gross and crude..." and that the rats "...unsurprisingly, were not always keen on the procedure."

Rats had an opinion on being sewn to other rats? Yeah, go fig.

And scientists wonder why people have trouble trusting them.


In happier news, Sean Spicer resigned. (Apparently over a matter of principle - no, really) Who had Friday, July 22 2017 before 12 noon in the pool??


Who writes these headlines?

Minnesota Girl Has Surgery after Being Bitten Severely in the Lake.

Which part of her is the lake??


Cinvidiosa sent this my way : Puritan Names.

She's going to be Job-Raked-Out-of-The-Ashes Invidiosa from now on and I am going to be Search-the-Scriptures Wilde.

How about you?


Maybe need Puritan Names For A New Age.

I propose:

Eschew-Facebook Smith
Flee-Snapchat Jones
Erase-Those-Nude-Selfies Lee
Embrace-Mass-Transit Bexington-Smythe
Climate-Change-Is-a-Real-Thing Fumble-Dunce (of the Newquay Fumble-Dunces, natch)
Flash-Flood-of-Mosquitoes Wonderhourse

Any ideas?

I made a thing. Feel free to tell me how unspeakably awesome it is:
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This thing can't be really real, can it?

The evolutionry point of it is confusing, to say the least.

But then, the same can be said for the measles vaccine naysayers, too, come to that.

Is it spring yet?  How about now?

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Roasted the last of the tomatoes, hot peppers and tomatillos from the garden, added onions, bell peppers, garlic and spices, prepared and canned (okay, glass jarred) three large bottles of roasted vegetable salsa (more or less this recipe, except for the not paying too much attenion to how much of everything I use) before 11 a.m. Boo yah! I deserve a medal or a vacation or a massage or something. I will have to settle for salsa, I guess.

The internet asks, "Could you live in tiny 8 sqm (86 sq ft) flat in Paris?"

I reply, "No, no I could not."  Cool what they've done with the place, though. I admire clever design, but I think I'd like, at minimum, a chair with a back, you know? When the toilet is the most inviting piece of furniture in a home, you have to ask yourself some serious questions about form and function.

And the maids for whom those rooms wre designed:  what must their lives have been like?

Did some accidental research re: what did trick-or-treaters get at Halloween during The Depression.  Apparently, there were no trick-or-treaters back then.  Trick-or-treating the way we think of it didn't become a 'universal' North American thing until after the 1920's.  The more you know, kids.

Tomorrow, after a ten year lead-up, The Rosetta Space Craft is scheduled to land on Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko.  I am torn between 'really cool' and 'collosal waste of resources.' Oh science, you are a conflicting mistress.

It was 17C here today.  Lovely day for November.  :D

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One week in, so out of things to say...
It's winter. I know this because the bird bath was a sheet of ice.
Fascinating thing about Canadian meat chickens on Quirks and Quarks today. (No, they don't get growth hormones or antibiotics - it's selective breeding.) I like very much that the interviewee, Dr. Martin Zuidhof, is "an Associate Professor of Poultry Systems at the University of Alberta in Edmonton." Not THE Associate Professor of Poultry Systems at the University of Alberta in Edmonton, just one of them. Food science is endlessly arcane and fascinating; university politics, even more so.
Anyone seen Interstellar? If so, did you like it? The reviews have left me confused. I am not a McConaughey fan, and Anne Hathaway reminds me of a lemur (this is my problem, not hers. I am aware of this. Nonetheless...) I would appreciate any input.
How about Big Hero 6? It looks potentially charming.
Must go watch season finale of Dr Who and drink decaf. My life is so glamourous.
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The man who invented CorningWare, Dr. Don Stookey, died this week at the age of 99. While not quite as amazing as the invention of air conditioning, CorningWare, in its many forms, is damned close.

Spare him a thought during this most casserole-y of seasons, won't you?
New Toy Story Movie? Why? The third one was perfect.
You know those stick figure families you see on the back windows of cars (or, let's be honest, vans and SUVs)? This product almost makes it worth while.
Today's topic is:
Where is the one place you would never want to go on vacation that other people seem to love?

Well, there are the (for me) obvious places, like climbing Everest or K2 or whatever, cuz that is insanity. I mean, it's not a popular holiday destination, but it's more popular than makes any kind of sense to me. It's expensive, dangerous, cold, dangerous, pointless, and did I mention dangerous? I don't get it.

On a more domestic level, you'll never catch me volunteering to go camping. Why? In god's name, why? camping is where they keep the bugs, the marauding wild animals, other asshole campers, and guys who like to murder people they find in tents. No thank you please. I own house. I own a car. I have a credit card that any hotel would accept in a pinch. So why would I do that to myself?
It's supposed to rain all weekend. Feel my joy - feel it!
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In today's episode of *This is How Science Gets Done!*:

(1) A slurry of cornstarch and water, when added to a simmering liquid destined to be gravy, will cause the liquid to thicken

(2) A "slurry" of baking soda and water, when added to a simmering liquid destined to be gravy, will make a complete bloody mess. And, unsurprisingly, utterly ruin the gravy.


The more you know, kids. The more you know.
Today's 'real' topic is:
Write about an amazing imaginary brand or organization you'd love to work with.

This is easy. I'd like to work with/for the company that makes transporters a la Star Trek. While I love BEING places, I really dislike the GOING TO places part of the whole travel thing. The journey is not the destination; the journey is X number of ass-numbing cramped hours sitting in a spot which is inevitably over- or under-heated, needing to pee. (You know I'm right.) Nearly instantaneous travel? Even if it means having your atoms turned inside out and reshuffled/replicated?

Bring it on.
This is why I love Martin Freeman:

Even his fuck-ups are wildly entertaining.

(Kudos to whoever created this.)


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