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Hi! I am back!  It was awesome!

Things I learned:
1) Northern Europe looks very much like northern Ontario. (It's a latitude thing)
2) Northern Europe is insanely expensive. Like, insanely.
3) It's really strange when the sun is still up at 11:00 p.m. (those of you in Alaska/northern Canada already know this, but still...)
4) Everyone hates the Nazis.  Except the Germans, who hate the Russians.  And the Swedes, who don't want to talk about it, thanks.
5) St. Petersburg is...overwhelming is probably the best word.
6) Mediaeval architecture, Soviet era architecture, and modern architecture do not blend as seamlessly as you'd imagine.
7) Cyrillic made my brain hurt.  I wanted to read it all.  (Never mind that figuring out what sounds the letters made hardly helped at all when the actual words meant nothing.)
8) I still don't much like fish, no matter how freshly caught.
9) Denmark (the Copenhagen bit of it, atleast) appears to be obsessed with McDonalds.  Five of them in one mall?  Why?
10) Tallinn was a revelation.  A lovely mediaeval town worth a visit. (I'd ask our tour guide about a building and he'd say - "Oh, that's of no historical significance - it's only from the seventeenth century.")
11) Copenhagen - rush hour - we counted 500 bicycles in 20 minutes.  An alarming number of these cyclists were texting while they pedalled in crowds 50 thick.  Almost no one wore a helmet.  Sigh. Humans.
12) I'm glad I took a hoody.  And a raincoat.

So what have you all been up to??
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I take back all** most*** a great many of the bad things I've said about you over the years.  So long as you keep Lake Louise and Banff stunningly beautiful, keep the Badlands totally bad-ass, and have lovely, sunny days with negative heat index readings  (Honest to god, it's a thing!!!) in July, I think we should be friends.  Really, really  good friends.

Also, elk is delicious.

Your Recent Visitor and Admirer,

** I'm still resentful about you getting all the good dinosaurs.  And the best IGA ever.
*** And not a few of your politicians are barking mad.  But then, who doesn't have that particular problem?
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Loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooocy, I'm home!

Vacation was awesome. Cruises are awesome,  Real life?  A bit snowy for my liking, but there you go....

So what have you all been up to??
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...but I am settling for a cruise instead.  (Yes, the two could overlap - it's a risk I'm willing to take).

Behave while I'm gone.  Play nice. No fighting.

See you all in March!
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...shoulda been better.  Just sayin'.

Also, I was in Pittsburgh last week. The bits I saw (very few) were lovely, and also there was flash flooding (by its very nature, less lovely).  

We went to FALLINGWATER.  It was awesomely awesome. "Better than 'Fright Night?'" I hear you ask.

Yeah.  And it didn't even have any half-naked David Tennant, so go fig.


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