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Running late again.  Sigh.  I do fuck-all and it takes all day.  How is that even a thing?

This commercial, with the guy milking the giraffe an getting a bucket full of skittles?  WTF?

I googled "modern Christmas" today.  Everything it showed me was basically black and white.  That's even a bit too modern for me.  But I liked this:

and this:

All I need is lots of PVC pipe and lots of ambition. Yeah, that's all.


Today's prompt:

Pretending you have the expertise to make the product a reality, what do you wish you could invent?

Well, the top two contenders are (1) the Star Trek-style transporter (because I like being places, but not getting to them) and (2) a machine that takes the story you are thinking and puts it on paper.  Or into your computer.  Whatever.  I think both of these inventions would benefit mankind.  Or at least me.

How about you? What would you invent?
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I'm being dragged, er, taken to see Spectre at 10:30 pm (and it's 2 and a half hours long because why?? No, really, why?) so I am posting my oh-so-brilliant prose now so all y'all won't be left without.  Give, give, give - that's all I do...

(Wow - 'give' is a weird looking word, esp three times in a row.)


I need one of these:

I might just have to make one.  Or an XFiles version.
For reasons.


I can't recommed this book enough:


Have you read anything good lately? 
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First Kryceks of the year, ready for the oven.

Anyone listening to Serial? Real life murder mystery. I'm working my way through it. It's fascinating.
Stocking stuffers for adults (as opposed to Adult Stocking Stuffers, which, um, no) - Anyone got any awesome ideas?  I'm making jars of Epic Hot Chocolate (correctly named) but I could use some other ideas  - whatcha got?
Cookies are done - gotta go!
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Didn't get half of what I wanted to accomplish done today. Barely got any of it started.  Apathy is a cruel mistress.
Someone asked if I will do the annual Holiday Fic of the Day over at Haven.  Um...I suppose.  Yes?  No?  Bueller?
Do you send Christmas/winter holiday of some sort cards? I love THESE, THESE, and THESE, but the notion of ordering them, writing on them, putting them in envelopes and then, ugh, mailing them?  Ugh. I don't even have the vaguest idea how much a stamp costs anymore.
THESE is a very strange word.  Say it to yourself a few times.  Go on.  You'll see what I mean soon enough.
I made these (there it is again!) last year:

They were insanely delicious.  I think I will make them again.
And how was your Saturday?
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Let's see: what have I missed?

What is the most controversial thing you've ever written on your blog?

I think it was suggesting Wuthering Heights by Kate Bush was not the best song ever.

What compelled you to write it?

They played it on BBC4 and it became obvious that, yeah, it wasn't.

So, is my 'blog' controversial? Not so much. (I really have no desire to be controversial.)

Is it even a blog? Not so much.
I'm going to make some of these (to give as stocking stuffers) tomorrow:

Because, why not?
I'm also going to make these:

They are the "must-have" ingredient of the moment, and they don't sound as un-delicious as horseradish vodka.

So the new Star Wars trailer. How do we feel about this?

  I understand I am supposed to be giddy, and yet...hmmm.  Not so giddy.

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So there I was, driving along, minding my own business, listening to the radio ( can I describe 'radio' to you young people?  TV without pictures?  Ipod without making anyone at Apple rich?  Hmmm...that is a puzzler)  when I hear A Christmas Song!!!!  And not a great one either.  Driving Home for Christmas by Chris Rea, (No, I won't link, cuz it's just not very good) which contains such deathless lyrics as:

And it's been so long
But I will be there
I sing this song
To pass the time away
Driving in my car
Driving home for Christmas

I mean, come on!  If you are going to jump the season, radio programming gurus, do it with something passable!
Today's topic:

What is the one appliance you can't live without?

I like to think I could live without most modern conveniences, that, come the zombie apoclypse, I'd be one of the bad-asses with a poor attidue and a blow torch.  But let's be honest: I'd be New! Improved! Conveniently Packaged, ZombiChow!

If we do not conisder the computer, (or the internet, for which it stands) or telephones as appliances, then I'd have to say....

The electric rice cooker.

HEAR ME OUT! Some meals call for rice.  And for no reason I can fully comprehend, any attempt I have made to cook rice in a pot on the stove has been abysmal.  The microwave method is okay, but for the 12.95+tax I spent 12 years ago, I can have perfectly cooked rice every single time.

So that's it. The electric rice cooker.

Unless we are including the modern washing machine.  Because that wins, and will always win. Forever. (If you don't believe me, watch THIS.  It's eye-opening.)

----------------------- chose exposure as its word of the year.  Seriously?  It's like they weren't even trying.

Watched the first two new episodes of Ripper Street.  It's one of those shows - when it's good, it's great.  When it's bad, it is really really really profoundly bad.  So far for this season, so good.  (And Louise Brealey is in it!)

Need something for a fancy holiday function?

You're welcome.
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Hubby's coming home tomorrow.  I loaded the dishwasher all higglety-pigglety again, probably for the last time in a long while.  My main question is how did I manage to make so many dishes dirty in just a few days?  Mysteries abound.
Buffalo has many awesome parks. buildings, and cultural venues.  They also have alllllllllllllllllllllll the snow. I do not evny them this one bit.
And people think Canadians are dull:

Toronto streetcar sex involved 3 people, police say

The Ford Effect, I say.
I haven't watched a full episode of Saturday Night Live, in, oh, 15 years?  But for this I might, even if it's only to see how many times Martin Freeman swears during the live broadcast.  (Also, who is Charli XCX??)
The Duchess of Alba died.  Just because you CAN have plastic surgery doesn't mean your SHOULD have plastic surgery.
Today's topic:

Do you have a book in you?

If you took all the fic I've written and stuck it between covers, I think there's enough there to constitute a book, so yes.  Another book? Something original?  Not yet. Or bloody likely.

Fact or fiction?

Fiction.  If I had to write a factual book (or do I mean non-fiction?  Hmm...) it would probably be of the "101 Things to do with Googly Eyes, Silly String, and a Pound of Soft Cheese" or "How to Attract Wild Animals to Your Yard (and Then Have Them Move Into You Attic, Causing Thousands of Dollars of Damage in the Process.)"

Publishers, feel free to contact me.

These would make my annual Gingerbread Kryceks all the more awesome:
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It snowed and snowed and snowed.  There is snow.


I think this breakfast would definitely make me smile:

Especially since someone else would have to cook it for me.

Xmas Pro Tip: Decorate your tree with things you've already got hanging around the house:

What could go wrong?


Apparently the hottest new live-forever health trend is BONE BROTH

Or, as we used to call it, soup.

A billion dollars is a lot of money.  18 billion is even more. I have no idea what's either fair or equitable in this case, but it's clear that billionaires have the first-worldest of problems.

Todays topic does not appeal, so I am skipping it.

And how was your day?
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...and so....

First, [ profile] aloysiavirgata has posted a great new XF fic, Lacuna.  Read it.  It's terrific.

Second, anyone have any ideas for a pot luck take along veggie side dish that isn't the same old thing?
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Today's prompt comes to you in two parts:

26. It's officially one month till Christmas!

Oh god oh god oh god OH GOD!!

(26 a) Post your favorite holiday song.

This bit is slightly less anxiety-inducing.

Thisis the first thing I play every holiday season:

I don't even KNOW why.

Close second:

Now I have to go get my hair dyed.  SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO glam!
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Happy Monday! Ha ha ha!

Today's prompt:

25. We're on a roll with the holiday stuff. So... what's your favorite holiday movie or TV episode?

As mentioned yesterday, the Clone High Snowflake Day episode. It's demented, but in the best way, and it will forever change your life - FOREVER!

A Charlie Brown Christmas has the best sound track ever.

A Christmas Story is fun every time.

The Bishop's Wife with Loretta Young, David Niven and Cary Grant, because LORETTA YOUNG, DAVID NIVEN, and  CARY GRANT.

Elf is surprisingly charming.

Muppet's Christmas Carol is wonderful. ("We're Marley and Marley - woooooooooooooo!!")

The REAL Miracle on 34th Street.

Rudolph, natch.

Nativity! is really fun. (Martin Freeman makes everything he's in better (tm) )

And my husband LOVES National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation, so I watch that at least once a year, too.


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Q: Day of the Doctor?
A: YES!!!!!!!!!


This is so much fun!


Today's prompt:

24. What's a special tradition in your family that makes the holiday season special to you?

(Other than repeating special twice in under 20 words?)

We do all the 'normal' stuff - turkey dinner with many of the fixin's (canned yams and marshmallows? Honestly people, that is just GROSS), lights, presents, arguments about insanely pointless and ultimately meaningless nonsense, driving around in miserable weather because god forbid both families just get together and be civil for a few hours, no, no, can't have that!, me being annoyed because I can't watch the Dr Who Christmas special right damned now, overwhelming anxiety, crushing disappointment, a keen desire for it all to be over.  You know, the usual.

But we do some fun stuff, too. There's the Sci-Fi/Fandom tree ("It's not really Christmas until there's a Klingon with a bat'leth hangin' on the tree!"), Gingerbread Kryceks, a (possibly wine-soaked) viewing of Clone High Snowflake Day ("Specificity be the enemy of unity!" Lamb tacos! "Oh give me some spices!" "I'm fat!" "I want some parsley!" "Here, we eat our mistakes! Mangez le verre! Man-gez le verre!!!" "Now, let us all join in a traditional All Religions Are Equally Valid Traditional Snowflake Day Celebratory Cabbage Patch!" King Kwanzaa! Dredlestein!) homemade Christmas crackers (Fun! Easy! Also fun!), and of course, breakfast corn (recipe follows):

Breakfast Corn
1 can niblets-style corn
can opener
microwave save bowl big enough for contents of the can

(1) Ten minutes before dinner is ready to be served, remember that you promised one of the more demanding diners that despite cooking fresh and delicious food for the last three days, no, no problem at all, you'd be only too damned happy to heat up a can of corn!

(2) Open can of corn

(3) Pour corn into bowl

(4) Microwave on full power for 3 minutes

(5) Serve dinner

(6) The next morning, open the microwave, only to discover you forgot to serve the corn.  Now it's breakfast corn!

(7) Throw entire contents in food waste recycling bin

(8) Repeat each and every holiday

NOTE: It's harder to make this dish since I now have a microwave that buzzes and buzzes and buzzes after it finishes cooking until you open the door, but, luckily, there is usually someone around who is willing to turn the microwave off without actually taking the food out :D

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There's Glitter Everywhere!!!!!!
Sci-Fi/Fandom Tree Check-In

(1) retro-rockets - made three. They are AWESOME! Making more asap.

(2) death star - first attempt led to something else altogether (the way things so often do). Making a second attempt later today.

(3) Tardis - cut, prepped and painted. I need it to dry so I can finish it.

(4) Realized that the fandom bit of my tree needs a yellow car. And maybe a lemon. Or a Toblerone? Hmmm.

When I figure out how to take decent pictures, I will.


Also[ profile] xf_santa sign-ups are under way. 750 words! How easy is that? So easy!!!

[ profile] xf_santa
The X-Files gift exchange for the holidays, signups end November 25!


On to today's prompt:

(15) ...pimp something you've made and/or written.

I've made and/or written lots. (It's all at gossamer, I think. Definitely at my site. I intend to make and/or write more. The road to hell and all that.

I would like to pimp, er, promote the Xmas Holiday Reading List.   I know it's early to start partaking (what with American Thanksgiving STILL not being over), but I am always looking for new fic to add to the list. If you know of some, let me know!

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Today's suggestion is:

14. Write about your first fandom crush(es). (Post a picture of them if you can!)

but I've done this already, haven't I? Batman, Star Trek, etc etc etc.

So instead I am going to tell you about today's exciting plans! My husband is en route to Montreal, my kid borrowed the car, so I am home and refusing to do anything useful or adult!

Instead, I'm going to make ornaments for my sci-fi x-mas tree!!!

Click for the thrilling origin story! )

Since then, we've had a sci-fi tree every year. (As we say around here, "It's not really Christmas until there's a Klingon with a bat'leth hangin' on the tree!)   We/I make new decorations every year (we could buy them all, sure, but what fun is that? None at all, that's what.) Today I have decided to start on this year's additions:

(1) some retro-rockets from up-cycled dollar store ornaments

(2) a Death Star  

(3) a Tardis (probably using a toothpaste box)

(4) an IOU apple

I will post the results, you lucky people!  :D

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Title: A Winter Night's Tale
Author: MaybeAmanda (Amanda Wilde)
Email: maybe_underscore_a at rocketmail dot com
Rating: PG for a bad word, four times, and in two forms.
Timeline: Set after Revelations (3X11) and before
War of the Coprophages (3X12), but references neither.
Spoilers: Really? I mean, at this late date, REALLY???
Categories: Mulder/Scully, UST, vignette-ish
Archive: Sure.
Provenance: Written for the LiveJournal 2010 XF-Santa Exchange
More Disclaimed Than Disclaiming: Chris Carter owns M&S;
Fox owns The XFiles; I own this story. No infringement intended.
Thanks to: Circe for beta, lj stuff, (and listening to the incessant
whining), Wendelah and Amal Nahurriyeh for encouraging me to
do this (without knowing they were, but it still counts), Jen for lj
info, and Chris Carter, bitches!
Summary: Scully is sleepy; Mulder is not. No hilarity
whatsoever ensues.
For: DkScullyUK – Merry Christmas! I hope this is enough
Scully for you :D

Read it here! )
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(Cuz, as Mara would remind up, it all leads back to the X-Files.)

Hope you are all having a great day, whatever you're doing!


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