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- Went to see Me and My Girl at the Shaw festival this weekend. It was...fine. I mean, it was beautifully designed, the choreography was very good, the set and costume design were really excellent, the tunes were catchy,  the leads were very good (the female lead had perhaps the worst mock-ney accent ever, but that may have been intentional)  and it was fun.  But the tickets were $102. For a Sunday matinee. For seats 20 rows up. In Niagara-on-the-Lake.  For that money, I expected Stephen Fry (who updated book on this one in the mid '80s) to show up at my house afterward and help with the dishes.  He failed to do so.

-  CAN-CON! - Have you been watching The Handmaid's Tale?  I have and it's great. (Great in the sense that it is very well done.  Not great in the sense that it's cheery. It's whatever the complete opposite of cheery is.) 

- The book is fantastic, too.  Also not cheery, but worth reading.

- The movie was terrible.  Don't even.

- Have you seen Wonder Woman?  I have not (yet.)  I have been put off by all the glowing reviews.  DC movies tend to be terrible (Lego Batman being the obvious exception, because that was AWESOME), but everyone is singing the life-changing praises of this one. I remain skeptical, but would like to hear opinions if you got 'em.

- The Unbreakable Kimmie Schmidt remains the best thing not-quite on TV. 

- Trump hasn't done anything noticeably stupid in hours now.  It makes me kind of nervous.


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