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This thing can't be really real, can it?

The evolutionry point of it is confusing, to say the least.

But then, the same can be said for the measles vaccine naysayers, too, come to that.

Is it spring yet?  How about now?

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No, really, do I?

I had one before, in the long ago days of T9 and flip phones (and several large, unruly models before that, all the way back to the one that came in its own purse, but I digress) but people kept calling me and saying stuff and I was like UGH.  Also, since I live in the land of cell phone gouging, I had pay-as-you-go, which really meant pay and pay and pay and then pay more.

On one hand, I see the appeal of being able to take a picture of a thing and send that picture of a thing to someone immediately so I can see if I should buy it for them/see a doctor immediately/beat the thing soundly with a large stick.  Also, I'm only online about 18 hours a day right now, so more connectivity would assure I had no time at all to ponder the meaninglessness of my existence, which, you know, super handy.

On the other hand, people will call/text and say stuff.  Or worse, they won't.

Opinions? Ideas? Horror stories? Pictures of things that need stick-hitting?

Also, yesterday I made lemon curd.   It's unutterably delicious.
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Is "don't upload naked pictures of yourself/loved ones to the internet" too obvious??

Humans.  Feh.


Dec. 9th, 2012 12:52 pm
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Why is everyone raving about this film?  It was --- okay. Ish.

Is it just that the last film everyone saw was Battleship? Cuz yeah, that would do it.


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