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Dear Star Trek Discovery:

Try harder.

Love and kisses
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And by this I mean:

quinoa vodka - no, really

Yes, that's right. Fair trade vodka (we'll come back to that) made of quinoa.

Aside from feeling like I'm taking Hypstr(tm) brand crazy pills and musing on whether or not it contains any non-nutritive food varnish, I have to wonder if it's ever a good idea to write your own mediocre product reviews:

Talking head with mic: So tell us about your product.
Product Rep: It's quinoa, and it's fair!
Talking head with mic: Only fair? Aim higher, big guy!

I know the discovery of quinoa's wonder-properties messed up the market and resulted in over-supply but it this the best way to deal with it?

And is fair-trade ever really fair?

This is all too much for a Monday morning, isn't it?

Have a cute puppy:


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So there is an article in this week's Economist - Youthful Spirits. It's primarily about how "...the blood of young animals... may be able to ameliorate at least some of the effects of ageing..." which, yeah okay, that's a pretty big MAY there, guys. But the best part of the article (after the line, No jokes about vampires, please) is a description of parabiosis experiments carried out by a dentist named Kamrin in the 1950s. Essentially, he cut a small bit of skin from each of two rats, then sutured them together at the site of the wounds. He discovered that in a matter of weeks the animals' blood vessels began to merge, and the animals essentially ended up sharing a circulatory system. All well and good, but (1) the point of these experiments was to prove that sugar causes tooth decay (no, really, this was the best experimental design he could come up with to prove that) and (2) the revelation that the technique was "...kind of gross and crude..." and that the rats "...unsurprisingly, were not always keen on the procedure."

Rats had an opinion on being sewn to other rats? Yeah, go fig.

And scientists wonder why people have trouble trusting them.


In happier news, Sean Spicer resigned. (Apparently over a matter of principle - no, really) Who had Friday, July 22 2017 before 12 noon in the pool??


Who writes these headlines?

Minnesota Girl Has Surgery after Being Bitten Severely in the Lake.

Which part of her is the lake??


Cinvidiosa sent this my way : Puritan Names.

She's going to be Job-Raked-Out-of-The-Ashes Invidiosa from now on and I am going to be Search-the-Scriptures Wilde.

How about you?


Maybe need Puritan Names For A New Age.

I propose:

Eschew-Facebook Smith
Flee-Snapchat Jones
Erase-Those-Nude-Selfies Lee
Embrace-Mass-Transit Bexington-Smythe
Climate-Change-Is-a-Real-Thing Fumble-Dunce (of the Newquay Fumble-Dunces, natch)
Flash-Flood-of-Mosquitoes Wonderhourse

Any ideas?

I made a thing. Feel free to tell me how unspeakably awesome it is:
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The Mom: Grayson, put down the gum.
The 6/7 year old, apparently named Grayson: No.
The Mom : Grayson, please, put down the gum.
Grayson: No, I want gum.
The Mom: We don't buy that kind.  We buy the organic kind.

(Author's note: They make organic chewing gum? Why do they make organic chewing gum?)

Grayson: Can I have this chocolate bar then?
The Mom: Grayson, would you help me empty the cart?
Grayson: No. 
The Mom: Grayson, please, I would like you to help me empty the cart.
Grayson: No, thank you, I don't want to. 
The Mom: Grayson, I would like for you to help me empty the cart, even if you don't want to.  Sometimes, to help other people, you have to do things you don't want to.
Grayson: No, I don't. That's just moms.

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The weather network tells me it's 26C (79F) but feels like 36C (97F).  Walking into a sauna is what it feels like. So sticky.  Sooooooooooo grossly sticky.


They are predicting a major thunderstorm.  Because, you know, it's 26C and 87% humidity!


Had to go to Lansing, MI overnight last week for a brief family visit.  The downtown is full of beautiful buildings and the parking is free after 6 pm. It was hot even after dark and the mosquitoes feasted upon every damned millimeter of my exposed flesh.  I was shocked and appalled to discover that a can of Rustoleum 2X spray paint (a.k.a.The Good Stuff) only costs USD $3.47 at Wal-Mart  - even with the gawd-awful exchange rate, that is CHEAP spray paint. On the upside, there was Sonic.  Green apple slushes are the best thing ever.

Speaking of spray paint, is Robert Del Naja actually Banksy?  Are you actually Banksy?  Are you sure?  If you were, could you prove it?  Would you want to? 

The modern art scene is complicated. ( For proof, read anything about Damien Hirst.  Or about a very award-winning piece called shedboatshed.  Or watch Exit Through the Gift Shop )


Trying to think of something interesting to say...nothing is happening.  Here is a cute puppy instead:

super cute puppy

That is a super cute puppy. 

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Have something maple and think of me!

(But not maple-flavoured coffee because - ugh - gross!)
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In fact, it's bad. Are any of you watching this show?  It's terrible. Stop watching it now. I'll wait while you go turn the tv off.

(They've apparently already commissioned a second series. How is that going to work?  There isn't a character on this show who has any possibility of not getting themselves deaded by means of their own stupidity.)  I get that television is not real life, but COME ON! This crap is crap.  I expect better of you,  Mr Laurie.

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Get out there and sols!

(That's right, the days DO start getting shorter. Again.)

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- "BiffyBob and SkippyAnne Foozlenoodle are homesteaders in Frozentoes, Alaska. He once  shot a bow and arrow at summer camp, and she once kept a house plant alive for almost a month. They've spent all their money on a piece of land with a tent, several wrecked vehicles, no water, no food, no sunlight, and no WiFi. And the tent has a really big hole in it. Watch as we spend the next hour pretending to fix all this before they abandon the property, just as the last three homesteaders on the property have." 

Or: That 12 minutes of Homestead Rescue was plenty.
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- Went to see Me and My Girl at the Shaw festival this weekend. It was...fine. I mean, it was beautifully designed, the choreography was very good, the set and costume design were really excellent, the tunes were catchy,  the leads were very good (the female lead had perhaps the worst mock-ney accent ever, but that may have been intentional)  and it was fun.  But the tickets were $102. For a Sunday matinee. For seats 20 rows up. In Niagara-on-the-Lake.  For that money, I expected Stephen Fry (who updated book on this one in the mid '80s) to show up at my house afterward and help with the dishes.  He failed to do so.

-  CAN-CON! - Have you been watching The Handmaid's Tale?  I have and it's great. (Great in the sense that it is very well done.  Not great in the sense that it's cheery. It's whatever the complete opposite of cheery is.) 

- The book is fantastic, too.  Also not cheery, but worth reading.

- The movie was terrible.  Don't even.

- Have you seen Wonder Woman?  I have not (yet.)  I have been put off by all the glowing reviews.  DC movies tend to be terrible (Lego Batman being the obvious exception, because that was AWESOME), but everyone is singing the life-changing praises of this one. I remain skeptical, but would like to hear opinions if you got 'em.

- The Unbreakable Kimmie Schmidt remains the best thing not-quite on TV. 

- Trump hasn't done anything noticeably stupid in hours now.  It makes me kind of nervous.


It's summer

Jun. 2nd, 2017 07:17 pm
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- About time.  All the vegetables went in late because it wasn't warm enough at night.  Now they look sad and dejected. Feh.

- I have been spray painting things.  It's fun spray painting things.  I think I understand taggers now. I don't like the mess most of them make, but I do understand them.  A bit.

- Best line in yesterday's paper: "The rabid llama was a bit of a surprise." Beverly Stevenson, Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry. I'm thinking she's right about this.

- The Rabid Llama Was A Bit of a Surprise would be an awesome title for a novel. Or a short story.  Bit long for a band name.  But not impossibly so.

- Just finished reading Past Mortem by Ben Elton.  I got it for a quarter.  I'd say it was worth at least fifty cents. 

And how are all of you??


Hi All

Apr. 14th, 2017 08:19 am
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I just want to take a second to thank you all for being so kind to me. Things are - well, permanently shitty in one respect. But I want to be around more. Yous guys are good people.

And here are some daffodils.

Some daffodils
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My son died over the weekend.

We was 27 years old and I loved him to bits.

Every single part of me is shattered.
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Okay, maybe not the worst, but those rink/court/field-side interviews all sound the same now:

We have to blah blah blah our blah blah blah and fundamentals structure play our game communication the next period/half/quarter/match.  UGH! Boring, dull, repetitive, boring and dull.

I get it; sound bites rule the world, but how I miss the golden days of incoherent gibberish, or Ken Dryden, who was the opposite of incoherent gibberish.

Just sayin'
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Oh my god, Riverdale, you are the most fucked up thing I have ever seen!

It's so terrible!  So very, very terrible.

Never change!  I mean it! Never!!!!!

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Is it a thing of the past?  A relic?  Something that used to be, like affordable public transport and factual facts and Treasures chocolate bars?  Every time I look for something to read in whatever fandom (cuz yeah, I have cleaned all my cupboards and drawers and tubs and showers and floors and etc, and also, I have had enough of reality for a while, thanks) and I'm hoping for a nice case file or just a story, the only choices seem to be slash vampire NASCAR AUs or, um, other differenter slash vampire NASCAR AUs, now with added superheroes, werewolves, and selkies. (And a playlist, cuz yeah, you need pop songs of questionable merit to read by, right?)

Is this a symptom?  If so, of what?

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...exactly when I slipped into this alternate universe.  And if it really is an alternate universe, how worried/upset/concerned/alarmed should I be?  Cuz, yeah, I am worried/upset/concerned/alarmed.  I'm just not sure about me levels, you know?

Any insight would be appreciated.


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