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And by this I mean:

quinoa vodka - no, really

Yes, that's right. Fair trade vodka (we'll come back to that) made of quinoa.

Aside from feeling like I'm taking Hypstr(tm) brand crazy pills and musing on whether or not it contains any non-nutritive food varnish, I have to wonder if it's ever a good idea to write your own mediocre product reviews:

Talking head with mic: So tell us about your product.
Product Rep: It's quinoa, and it's fair!
Talking head with mic: Only fair? Aim higher, big guy!

I know the discovery of quinoa's wonder-properties messed up the market and resulted in over-supply but it this the best way to deal with it?

And is fair-trade ever really fair?

This is all too much for a Monday morning, isn't it?

Have a cute puppy:


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Is it a thing of the past?  A relic?  Something that used to be, like affordable public transport and factual facts and Treasures chocolate bars?  Every time I look for something to read in whatever fandom (cuz yeah, I have cleaned all my cupboards and drawers and tubs and showers and floors and etc, and also, I have had enough of reality for a while, thanks) and I'm hoping for a nice case file or just a story, the only choices seem to be slash vampire NASCAR AUs or, um, other differenter slash vampire NASCAR AUs, now with added superheroes, werewolves, and selkies. (And a playlist, cuz yeah, you need pop songs of questionable merit to read by, right?)

Is this a symptom?  If so, of what?

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If this is a thing you do, do this thing!
three kings!

Otherwise, Christmas is officially over! Plan your 2017 accordingly!
Why are they still letting M. Night Shayamalan make movies? Every time I see an ad for Split my eyes roll so hard I feel nauseated. And I feel bad for James McAvoy. Then I remember his Xmen movies and feel less bad. My point? M. Night is a cool name, but his movies suck.
There was a front page story in today's paper - the last strip club in my town is about to close. When did we get so classy? WHEN???
hamilton strip
They have free customer parking and everything. And come on, that building is an architectural marvel. Condos?  Do we need more condos?


Gravity Falls
is pretty awesome. There is a Mystery Shack. Weird happenings. Aliens. Cryptozooology.  And it takes place in the very plausible state of Oregon. Someone should totally write an XF/GF cross-over.  Someone  who is not me, obvs.
I reorganized my spices today.  Oh yeah, cuz that is how I roll
And you????

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I made Chocolate Swiss Meringues today.  (Not to be confused with Swiss chocolate meringues, which are something else altogether.  Probably) I found the recipe in a copy of Family Circle from 1987 (and I don't see it on-line anywhere - are there really things that are not on-line?  How is that even a thing?)  I'd never made Swiss meringue before and thought, what the hell, you only live once - you should have SOME sugar burns to show for it.

I have four egg yolks I have to figure out some use for.  My life is so glamourous!
This facing page ad for Kmart in said 1987 magazine made it immediately clear that we are ALL GETTING OLD.

Again, you're welcome.
Alfonso Ribiero won Dancing with the Stars. I have never seen this show, but even I know the guy is a professional dancer.  How does that even work?
I am not a huge Joni Mitchell fan.  I think she's written a lot of very good songs, but her voice gives me the heebie-jeebies (full disclosure - my voice would no doubt give her - and just about any one - the heebie-jeebies).  That said, I had to love this:

Joni Mitchell Thinks Taylor Swift Has "High Cheekbones" and Not Much Else to Offer as an Actress

Ouch. Something to be said for just not giving a shit.  Go Joni!
Hubby's home.  Must go feed him meringues.
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It's snowed all day.  It hasn't really accumulated, but it's only a matter of time.
The last of the leftover Halloween candy disappeared in a blaze of glory this morning.  Well, more like a blaze of my husband eating the last mini-Snickers.  16 days.  Not bad, I guess.
I skipped one of the topics last week (well, accidnetally skipped) so I'll use that one now.

If you could permanently get rid of one worry, what would it be?

It would be worrying about my kids.  And not for any stupid 'Je Souhaite be careful what you wish for' sort of way, like because I never had kids or I've lost my memory and can't remember to be worried or there's no worse for things to get so why worry.  No, I'd like to not worry because there is nothing to worry about - everyone is happy and healthy and wise and ever more shall be so.  Which might make them intolerable company, but that's a small price to pay.
My husband is leaving for a week in the morning.  While I will miss him and hope that he has a safe tirp, I will also spend the week loading  the dishwasher ANY DAMNED WAY I WANT TO!
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'Tis the season!

First Festive Special of the year done and dusted!  Bring on the holidays!


Remember the Paris 8 sqm apartment from the other day?  I think this place might be hard to live in too, but for very different reasons.

house_of_colours<---------------Click it!

How about you?  The sort of place you'd enjoy living in, or not?

(It has its charms.  The setting seems lovely.  And I do like the repainted stove. Beyond that?  Um...  )


My husband and I trade magazines with his parents. My MIL sent me the March 2014 issue of Food Network Magazine, which contains, among other things, this recipe:

Bacon Shortcakes with Peanut Butter Whipped Cream

I don't think they're joking...

Your kinda thing?  I still haven't decided.  But the idea of peanut butter whipped cream is not without its appeal.


Today's topic:

Do you enjoy growing old or do you fight against it?

Allow me to take a third position.  I don't enjoy it at all, but so far it beats the alternative. But fighting it is pointless. And it's a battle you cannot win. Humans are built to last about 35 years - everything after that is gravy.  Treat it as such.

Woo hoo! The weekend!  Bet there'll be yard work!

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It's cold.  So not a fan of the cold.

Today's suggested topic is:

Have you ever had extended writer's block? How long did it last? What did you do to break out of it...?

I don't experience writer's block so much as I experience disinterest, distraction, and general malaise.  Do I get stuck?  You bet.  And when I have to get something written, the best way out of it is always -  ALWAYS -  to 'talk' it out with someone (by 'talk' I generally mean email or IM - I don't really have any meat friends I can talk writing with.)  When I am really stuck and my sounding board(s) aren't working for me, I turn to some other creative pursuit - sewing, crafting, even baking - so I am distracted enough to let my subconcious work on the problem without me.

But I am so lazy.  And writing is a dumb hobby.

I want this for Christmas:

Yup, that's right - a kitchen gadget. Christ, I am old.

Question:  How cool are these?

Answer: damned cool.


A number of publications believe I should be making Horseradish Vodka as a gift for friends and loved ones.

I believe they are wrong.  How about you?  Ever had the stuff?  Would you welcome a bottle gladly, or would you say, "Oh Amanda, really, you shouldn't have.  Really really."

My husband has decided to grow an evil!Spock beard. You know the one:

It's distrubingly sexy. ::: shrug ::: it just is.
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Roasted the last of the tomatoes, hot peppers and tomatillos from the garden, added onions, bell peppers, garlic and spices, prepared and canned (okay, glass jarred) three large bottles of roasted vegetable salsa (more or less this recipe, except for the not paying too much attenion to how much of everything I use) before 11 a.m. Boo yah! I deserve a medal or a vacation or a massage or something. I will have to settle for salsa, I guess.

The internet asks, "Could you live in tiny 8 sqm (86 sq ft) flat in Paris?"

I reply, "No, no I could not."  Cool what they've done with the place, though. I admire clever design, but I think I'd like, at minimum, a chair with a back, you know? When the toilet is the most inviting piece of furniture in a home, you have to ask yourself some serious questions about form and function.

And the maids for whom those rooms wre designed:  what must their lives have been like?

Did some accidental research re: what did trick-or-treaters get at Halloween during The Depression.  Apparently, there were no trick-or-treaters back then.  Trick-or-treating the way we think of it didn't become a 'universal' North American thing until after the 1920's.  The more you know, kids.

Tomorrow, after a ten year lead-up, The Rosetta Space Craft is scheduled to land on Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko.  I am torn between 'really cool' and 'collosal waste of resources.' Oh science, you are a conflicting mistress.

It was 17C here today.  Lovely day for November.  :D

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I realize we only fell back an hour, but it feels like so much more. I could happily sleep for a week or two. Who the hell decided we needed to save daylight? Or that we even could?

(This reminds me of an "experiment" I conducted in 11th grade physics class. I set an open jar on the window sill and told the teacher - Mrs. Lee-Poy, lovely woman with a remarkable sense of equanimity - that I was attempting to catch photons. (She rolled her eyes. I had that effect on no small number of teachers). I never caught a single particle, nor was the jar knocked over by a massive wave, proving, to my satisfaction, that light was neither a particle nor a wave, but probably involved wizards and/or pixies acting in some as yet unspecified way. BOOM! This is how science gets done, people!)

It was sunny and cold today, which beats gloomy and cold by a long chalk. All the Japanese maples in the neighbourhood are stunning at the moment. Looking at them is an excuse, if not exactly a reason, to leave the house.

All the Halloween stuff is half-price. Consequently, my husband felt compelled to buy one of these hats, for having:


Not my actual husband, just some guy in a stunning foam lobster hat.

They had a bunch of these Chris March foam wigs. They are great.

I also scored a box of 95 Skittles products for $5. Don't judge - I will put them in Christmas crackers (the English kind, not the Ritz/Keebler Elves kind. Yuck.) if I don't need all 95, well, we'll cross that bridge when our expanded hips come to it, won't we?

Dr. Who is lovely and dark right now. I kinda like it that way. But someone needs to feed Peter Capaldi a cookie.

Tomorrow, there will be a topic! A real topic! All hail conformity!
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Is "don't upload naked pictures of yourself/loved ones to the internet" too obvious??

Humans.  Feh.
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147 years!  Most of them made sense at the time!!

I am celebrating in the traditional way - air conditioning and procrastination.

Also, strawberry shortcake. This is the life!!
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I have to go to the big city today, so I am posting early. Yeah, that's how I roll..

Today's unfathomable question:

21. What about LJ keeps you coming back? (Because let's be honest. This place is old. BUT WE ALL LOVE IT ANYWAY. WHY???)

I don't even know what that means. Or what it's supposed to mean. Tumblr is in full of lunatics (need a laugh? Read a 'social justice' tumblr thread. The self-righteous insane are always funny!) and twitter/instagram is for people who need to take pictures of their meals. NEED!!! Yeah, no.

Real life people are mostly tedious and dull - many are both. The reason I am here is because all my old fandom outlets sort of dried up, so I followed the stragglers this way. I need community. Desperately.

On that cheery note,

Conflicted?  Who, me?
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19. What about fandom drives you crazy sometimes?

The drama.  Lord, lord, LORD, THE DRAMA!!!!!!!

Also, when other people insist on being wrong.  On the internet.

Eh, eh?

Jul. 1st, 2013 11:24 am
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Happy Canada Day!  (The weather sucks, my family is descending, and my husband had to work because it's not a statutory holiday in Houston, but then Texas is an imaginary place anyway...)

On another note...

My mom lives across and two doors down from Dave Bolland's parents.  The Leafs got Bolland in a really strange trade.  My mom is giddy - actually giddy.  WTF???  (Most of you do not understand anything I just said.  Hahahahahahahahahaahahaha!)

Hockey - it does stuff to you.

Must go ice cupcakes...

Well damn.

Jun. 2nd, 2013 07:39 am
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I really like Matt Smith as The Doctor.
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A:  Have we met? *

*That would be a four star review, kids.  :D **
**Out of three ;)


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