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No science experiments, impromptu or otherwise, today. This is good thing.
Topic du jour:

What is your favorite holiday memory? (And yes, you can pick any holiday, including your birthday.)

In 2011,(I think?) my husband took me on a cruise. It was to be our first alone vacation as a couple that didn't in some way involve him having to work/see clients/talk to clients on the phone for hours/work on his computer for even more hours trip since...hmm...our honeymoon, probably. We went with Holland America, we toured the western Caribbean (eastern? honestly, I do not know. My sense of direction is pathetic.) I wasn't sure if I'd enjoy a cruise, but it was something he thought we'd like, so I was game.

It was amazing. It was awesome. It was awesomely amazing. I got to swim with squid. I really, really, really enjoyed that cruise.
Finished watching Broadchurch tonight. No spoilers, but I found the ending kinda . . . disappointing. So much build-up, so little pay-off. The cast was terrific, though, and the scenery, spectacular.
Sleepy Hollow was its usual terrible, glorious self last night. Old Faithful, that show... (I wonder how Tom Mison and John Noble, actual actors, can say that stuff without cracking up or rolling their eyes. Must be the money, honey.)
Like chocolate? Like mint? I do. These cookies look spectacular delicious and easy:

Just sayin'
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Oh Sleepy Hollow, how I have missed you!  Just as ridiculously horribly wonderful as I remember...

And John Cho, hoping for a trace of free will.  Too delicious.  Too, too delicious.

Luckily, Captain Crane is every bit as luscious as ever.
Off topic, Gotham was pretty good, too.  The guy who plays The Penguin is phenomenal.

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It's always wretched!!!!!!!!!!!!


Although the notion of that guy there ironically selling artisanal marmalade shall linger...
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The day I've been dreading:

12. Okay. Let's be real. We all have lives outside of fandom. What else are you obsessed with, or particularly good at, that most LJ'ers don't know about?






Sleepy Hollow continued on its awful merry way last night (although Crane's outrage over bottled water was wonderful and the discussion of Thomas Jefferson and Sally Hemings was just plain hysterical).  This show can't seem to decide what it wants to be when/if it grows up. And John Cho, with which of the Star Trek guys did you lose a bet?  And how long must you keep paying?  (I wonder if Tom Mison ever wakes up and thinks "for this I went to Webber-Douglas?" And then he checks his bank balance and thinks "Oh yeah! For THIS I went to Webber-Douglas!")

Today's essay topic: What American TV does to British actors. Or is it more a case of what British actors do to themselves? (Hugh Laurie and Angela Landsbury notwithstanding.  Joan Collins very much withstanding.) Discuss.

I have to go to Wal-Mart and Target. That knowledge alone makes it hard to put on pants.

Does anyone know if there will be XF Secret Santa or something similar this year? I'd like to participate, but I need (tons of) advanced warning!

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Happy Wednesday, or as we say around here, Happy Garbage Day!

Today's prompt is:

6. What's your current fandom love(s) and/or ship(s)?

This is an easy one. Sherlock. The show is amazing. The visuals are amazing. The acting is amazing. The writing is amazing. The fanfic is - um -

Well, as with everything, Sturgeon's Law applies to the fic - 90% of it is crap. Probably more, honestly.  But there are gems. (Ask for recs if you want 'em)

(Totally off topic, but Wikipedia tells me Theodore Sturgeon, for whom the law is named, was born Edward Hamilton Waldo. I wonder if he finished a piece of writing, decided he needed something to eat and a pseudonym, and in a eureka moment during a bizarre snack break, exclaimed "This caviar is a gift from God!  Hey! I know..."

Probably not.

I also watch Sleepy Hollow (as mentioned yesterday).  It has big names and a lot of money behind it, and was the first thing renewed this season.  It's also just like a train wreck on the deck of the Titanic as seen from the gondola of the Hindenburg. But I can't look away.  Not while Tom Mison is that pretty. 


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Today's suggested prompt is:

5. What show from your childhood would you love to bring back?

This is a tricky one.  Now that everything is on DVD and Netflix, the shows from my childhood ARE back.  And, sadly, a lot of them don't hold up.  I mean, Get Smart was the smartest, funniest thing ever.  On re-watch, well, the sets look cheap, the laugh-track is really annoying, the humour is so broad, and I had no idea how distracting actors whose teeth have not been whitened to within an inch of super-nova really were. I still feel all warm and fuzzy about my memories (my late father loved this show; we use lines of dialog all the time) but I don't want to watch anymore.  And no reboot, thanks.

Having said that, I must mention that Sleepy Hollow is back after a rather-brief-but-still-too-long hiatus, and it's as messed-up as ever.  I mean, high production values, fantastic acting, cute cute cute omg cute lead, and just the dumbest dumb that was ever dumb.  It's gotten to the point where I am now waiting to see what super-annoying thing they have to do to make me not watch.  (I suspect this will be making Tom Mison shave.  That happens, I am outta.)

And how are you all today?

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(Ichlanda?  Yolabod? Oh, the possibilities!)

Sleepy Hollow gets worse and worse.  And possibly worse.

And I just keep watching.
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Agents of Shield was pretty good :D  Now if only Ichabod Crane were in Shield.  That would be a more perfect world.


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