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IT SNOWED!  Okay, it was more like itty bitty styrofoam pellets were being hurled from the sky, but essentially, it snowed.  I guess this means I gotta get serious about Christmas.
I have decided to get serious about Christmas by hosting a cookie baking party.  Have any of you ever done it?  Do you have tips and treats to share?
I saw an ad this evening for a six-hour, three night televison event - Childhood's End, based on the Arthur C Clarke work of the same name.  I got unreasonably excited.  I've never even read it.  But when sci-fi things are great, they are amazing! (And when they are not, lord lord LORD! they are not - I am looking directly at you, Falling Skies - hang your head in shame.). Here's hopin'
Aren't these cupcakes insanely cute?

If only God had given me patience instead of so much beauty.


Anyone watch Jessica Jones?  If so, what's the verdict?


I have to sleep now. Night night!
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I made roast beef today. With mushroom gravy.  I hadn't made roast beef in ages and ages and ages.  It was really good. Just sayin'


The weather was lovely today  - - 17 C.  Now it's 0C.  Stupid weather.

Todays prompt:

Where would you want to retire if money wasn't an issue?

I'd have a luxury suite on a cruise ship, one that went where I wanted when I wanted.  There'd be a lot of time spent in the Carribean.  And Hawaii.  And the possibly non-existent Australia.   I think it would be the perfect retirement.

How about you?  Where would you retire?
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Why does Chopped existIt seems like it's on all the time and it's crap.  The drama is so manufactured and fake and the contestants are all annoying. Really, people, you are cooking, not curing cancer.   Why yes, it is on right now.  Why do you ask?

It was cold today.  Very cold.  The grass was crispy when I stepped on it this morning.  Winter again.  Poop.

Today's Question:

What is the first thing you do every single day (I mean, after you hit the snooze button)? When did that step in your routine begin?
I pull my glasses out the my bedside drawer and put them on. I can't find anything else until I've got my glasses.  This has been my routine since I got glasses in fifth grade.  I know a lot of kids hate their glasses and don't want to wear them, but I was so grateful to be able to see decently I didn't care.  (Honestly, getting called "Four-eyes" was soooooooo lame it barely registered).   Since we've acquired a live-in grand-puppy, my next step is to put on whatever comes to hand (clean shirt, dirty shirt, bathrobe, paint shirt...) and run her down the stairs and out into the yard so she can conduct any early morning buisness.
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Weather was lovely all day but now it is cold.  Fie on winter! Fie, I say!
I spent today...hanging curtains and putting yet more IKEA furniture together.  But it's all more or less done, now.  They are living in their place, and we are back in ours.  As exhausting as it was having them here, I will miss the company.  The dog is great, but she's not really chatty.
I heard Adele's new single, Hello, today.  It is -- fine. It's okay.  How exactly, and why, did it break the internet?

Everyone (well, not quite, but a lot of people) have Christmas lights not just up, but lit.  I get wanting to hang lights while it's relatively warm and ice free, but plugging them in In November?  BEFORE Remembrance Day?  Wasting all that electricity?  What kind of crazy is that?  Why, in my day...
Have any of you ever reupholstered a chair?  I mean, stripped it down to the frame and more or less started from scratch?  I am pretty much evenly divided between wanting to tackle a redo of a chair that looks mostly exactly like this (the upholstery on mine is icky pink):

- and wanting to sit down until the feeling goes very far away.

If you have attempted such a (mad) project, how did it go?  Any tips and/or tricks you'd like to offer?
Back to our regularly scheduled questions tomorrow.  Woo hoo!
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This thing can't be really real, can it?

The evolutionry point of it is confusing, to say the least.

But then, the same can be said for the measles vaccine naysayers, too, come to that.

Is it spring yet?  How about now?

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Oh my god, we're back again...(for the meta, natch)

It's November! And that means more frequent ramblings! YOU LUCKY PEOPLE!

Right. My computer broke. I mean, I turned it on and - nothing happened. And kept happening. No whirring, no purring, no demand for a password, nothing. So naturally, I unplugged it, plugged it back in again, fiddled with all the cables and wires, swore both colorfully and creatively, and then, when all else had failed, demanded my husband MAKE IT WORK RIGHT NOW! Said husband, while mostly awesome, was unable to comply, but very gallantly offered to drop it off at the local geekery on the way to work (in part, no doubt, to get away from the sweary demanding woman bashing aimlessly at her keyboard.)

One day, they said, maybe two. Three at the very most.

It took two weeks.

It was both upsetting and weirdly relaxing. But it came home last evening, started working the second I plugged it in, and the love affair was immediately rekindled.

We had 14 trick-or-treaters (did kids trick-or-treat during the Depression? If so, what did they get? Failed stock certificates? Apple cores? A rock? Two rocks? Embittered???? Must research this extensively when I have done absolutely everything else there is to do...) last night. This is, without exaggeration, more than we have had in the last 3 years combined.

It has been half-assedly snowing all day. No accumulation, but dammit! SNOW?!?!?! Now I am thinking about Christmas-y stuff. (Which is as depressing as fuck.)

I feel yucky. I think I've caught some bug. Yay! only not.
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Just me, looking at that fresh layer of snow....

(I blame [ profile] franthewndrhrse. She did this!   She was all "oh look!  It's spring!  Winter's over! Tra-la-la-la-la-la-la!!" HA! Also, HA!!)
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We haven't had one of these is days....
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Risk of snow squalls today and tonight. A sharp Arctic cold front blasting across Eastern Ontario regions has a band of heavy snow flurries associated with it. In addition a brief snow squall is quite possible until early afternoon as the front moves through. Most areas may receive a quick 2 to 4 cm of snow, and visibility may suddenly be reduced to 250 metres or less in bursts of heavy snow and blowing snow as the cold front moves through. Motorists should be prepared for sudden very low to nil visibility in blowing snow and bursts of heavy snow. This will result in hazardous driving conditions. In the wake of the cold front, a stiff northwesterly flow will usher in an even colder brand of Arctic air.

Yes, because the brand of Arctic air we've been enjoying so far just isn't Arctic-y enough...


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