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The Mom: Grayson, put down the gum.
The 6/7 year old, apparently named Grayson: No.
The Mom : Grayson, please, put down the gum.
Grayson: No, I want gum.
The Mom: We don't buy that kind.  We buy the organic kind.

(Author's note: They make organic chewing gum? Why do they make organic chewing gum?)

Grayson: Can I have this chocolate bar then?
The Mom: Grayson, would you help me empty the cart?
Grayson: No. 
The Mom: Grayson, please, I would like you to help me empty the cart.
Grayson: No, thank you, I don't want to. 
The Mom: Grayson, I would like for you to help me empty the cart, even if you don't want to.  Sometimes, to help other people, you have to do things you don't want to.
Grayson: No, I don't. That's just moms.

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Okay, maybe not the worst, but those rink/court/field-side interviews all sound the same now:

We have to blah blah blah our blah blah blah and fundamentals structure play our game communication the next period/half/quarter/match.  UGH! Boring, dull, repetitive, boring and dull.

I get it; sound bites rule the world, but how I miss the golden days of incoherent gibberish, or Ken Dryden, who was the opposite of incoherent gibberish.

Just sayin'
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I'm back and better than ever!

It was great!  Even the part where I got tripped during the life boat drill (yes, before we'd even left port) and ended up with a super-sprained ankle!!  Go me!  I was basically in bed with my foot propped up on bags of ice for three days, but that gaveme plenty of time to read (The Bone Clocks by David Mitchell is brilliant; the History of the Snowman by Bob Eckstein is silly but lots of fun and worth it for the cover illustration alone; The Warmest Room in the House by Steven Gdula is an interesting and informative look at the twentieth century kitchen, decade by decade. I also was forced - forced I say! - to watch The Imitation Game again. Such hardship) and it was way, way better than being home cleaning and doing laundry and making meals and being overwhelmed by existential angst.

The weather was perfect - 68-72F and not humid, light breeze, no rain.  I saw dolphins mucking about beside the ship, Stromboli volcanoeing at dusk, walked through the ruins at Herculaneum which was mind-blowing, had lunch in Rhodes which is a proper ,edieval walled city, drank delicious wine in Santorini, and got to see six very detailed X-rays of my left foot and ankle - it's aways interesting to see you insides, especially from a distance

We also managed to leave Rome (after two hours of delays which the desk staff were entirely too Euro-bored to make any mention of or give any explantion for) six hours before the big huge airport fire that closed it for two days.  Totally coincidental. Totally.    

On the downside, I caught a cold on the plane on the way home which is par for the course - planes are basically metal tubes filled with germs - but we got upgraded to business class for free without even asking.  OMG!!  The crew is NICE to you! You get to use metal cutlery! They give you a little pouch with a toothbrush, sleep mask, earplugs, full-sized headphones and ugly grey socks! There are tic-tacs on your dinner tray! You can get both ass-cheeks in your seat instead of just the one! No wonder they put up those curtains - I am surprised there aren't more in-air mutinies.

I watched Mr Turner on the way over - beautifully shot and acted, and there's a very good reason everyone expected Timothy Spall  to be nominated for best actor (alas,he just wasn't as pretty as Bradley Cooper, I guess) - if you like this sort of thing, this is absolutely the sort of thing you'll like

So what have you all been up to??

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No, really, do I?

I had one before, in the long ago days of T9 and flip phones (and several large, unruly models before that, all the way back to the one that came in its own purse, but I digress) but people kept calling me and saying stuff and I was like UGH.  Also, since I live in the land of cell phone gouging, I had pay-as-you-go, which really meant pay and pay and pay and then pay more.

On one hand, I see the appeal of being able to take a picture of a thing and send that picture of a thing to someone immediately so I can see if I should buy it for them/see a doctor immediately/beat the thing soundly with a large stick.  Also, I'm only online about 18 hours a day right now, so more connectivity would assure I had no time at all to ponder the meaninglessness of my existence, which, you know, super handy.

On the other hand, people will call/text and say stuff.  Or worse, they won't.

Opinions? Ideas? Horror stories? Pictures of things that need stick-hitting?

Also, yesterday I made lemon curd.   It's unutterably delicious.
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I did it!  I posted all the days!  I win the internet!
Spent the day with a bunch of my friends.  We ate a lot of delicious feed and set the world to rights.   There is a possibility I drank a bit.
Thanks to all y'all who've commented and posted your own NaBloPoMos and regular old LJ entries.  It's been fun.  See you back here same time next year :D
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I ended up getting home much later than expected, so this is going to be brief.

Exactly this brief, in fact.

See you later today.
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Jonny Lee Miller needs to eat a cookie. Two cookies. Two cookies and a milkshake. He looks unwell. The awful haircut does not help.

Spent most of the day sewing. Glued glitter to literally nothing. Score!

Today's suggested topic:
Do you consider yourself a "professional" blogger? Why or why not? What does that mean to you?

No. No, I don't. Professional bloggers make money. I do this just for the love of it! Love I say, love!


[ profile] marakaraposted a link to this story ages ago. I finally got a chance to read it. The rich, as they say, are different. More so than really necessary.

[ profile] marakara also posted a link to this. Chilling reading.


Are you familiar with Tim Key's Late Night Poetry Programme? It's a bit brilliant.

I've got nothing. So have an insanely cute pic of bulldog pups, won't you?:

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So now I have to scrub the whole stupid thing!

Life is ridiculous like that sometimes...
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...provincial elections, doubly so.  But at least everyone voted against the right guy this time.
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Risk of snow squalls today and tonight. A sharp Arctic cold front blasting across Eastern Ontario regions has a band of heavy snow flurries associated with it. In addition a brief snow squall is quite possible until early afternoon as the front moves through. Most areas may receive a quick 2 to 4 cm of snow, and visibility may suddenly be reduced to 250 metres or less in bursts of heavy snow and blowing snow as the cold front moves through. Motorists should be prepared for sudden very low to nil visibility in blowing snow and bursts of heavy snow. This will result in hazardous driving conditions. In the wake of the cold front, a stiff northwesterly flow will usher in an even colder brand of Arctic air.

Yes, because the brand of Arctic air we've been enjoying so far just isn't Arctic-y enough...
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I declare this a victory!!!!!!

(So done with winter....)
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Quoth the prophet:

Sorry I've neglected this blog for so long, incidentally - I plan to be around a little more now. For instance, I will have some news about Cabin Pressure on Wednesday.

How about now?  Now?  Now?  How about now?


Oct. 6th, 2013 06:07 pm
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Whoa!  Fastest 90 minutes ever.

Pony up for the IMAX 3-D if you can.  It's worth it.
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sugarman See this movie. I mean it.
(click pic for info)


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