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Today, I had three butter tarts.

Yes I did.  I regret NOTHING!

(If you are one of those freaks who doesn't like raisins, all I can do is feel sorry for you.)
I am listening to BBC.  They are playing Wuthering Heights by Kate Bush. Jesus. It's as bad now as it was then.

Hockey in Las Vegas?  Come on!  I have sat quietly through Columbus Freakin' Ohio and Bloody Nashville, but Las Friggin' Vegas!?!?!  COME ON!

We had Persian food for dinner.  It was of the kebabs, rice and salad variety and looked like this:

It was very tasty.  Also, I did not have to cook, which improves any meal.
Went to buy apples.  Ran into a guy from my writing class who worked there.  He gave us a 50% discount. SCORE!

I hardly ever remember my dreams, but I remember the one I had last night. My house caught fire. It started in the attic.  Soon the house was completely engulfed.  The firefighters seemed mostly indifferent.  When the fire was all put out, they discovered the attic was full of smoldering cigarette butts that squirrels had stored there. The firefighters told me it was my own fault, that I shouldn't keep squirrels as pets, especially in the attic.

Yeah. That.
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Ugh.  I am getting sick.  :(
Today's suggested topic:

What is the one skill you see in other bloggers that you wish you had?

Photography.  When I do a thing, and want to show everyone in the whole world (or, you know, the four of you who read this) the thing I did, the pictures alway look pretty meh. So knowing how to take good photos would be great. I've read some tutorials, but I can't get the same results.
I have nothing interesting to say, so here is a recipe for yummy cookies.


My headache and I are going to bed.  Good night!
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How is it the 10th of November? How???

Target has the best reasonably priced Christmas decor (including this and this).

I want all of it. I bought none of it.

Today. (The season is young...)

Pinterest decided I'd want to know how to bleach pine cones. Why? What purpose could bleached pine cones serve? What about me made their algorithm think "oh yeah, she want the pine cones, and she wants them bleached!"

But I clicked, didn't I? Of course I did.

Odds are, there will be at least one bleached pine cone in my future. Just so I can see if it can be done.

Curse you, Pinterest!

We have an actual topic today!

What knowledge do you have that others don't? Write a "how to" post about anything you've got skills for, small or large

I have some knowledge, but most of it is not of the 'that others don't' variety. But I do have a recipe for the easiest, most delicious dessert that you can whip up in no time. Amaze your friends, baffle your enemies, be the hero of the party!

Caramel Apple Dip )

And you?
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I'm really not about trying to convert anyone to anything.  Live and let live, says I.

But OMG, people!!  If you haven't seen Series One of Sherlock (yeah, yeah, 3 episodes does not a series make, I know, I know) do yourself three favours and watch it! And then come back and ask me how you can see the two new ones, and the one coming up on Sunday.

(Sidenote: Like his name, Cumberbatch's face grows on you.   And if you're a geek {you're reading this so, um, surrender any illusions to the contrary} you'll be seeing enough of it in the near future.  [And Christ, can the man act.]  And Martin Freeman makes any thing he's in better, and this is no exception. And he's a hobbit; well, THE Hobbit.   Also, Rupert Graves.  Yes, THAT Rupert Graves.  Him. In it. Yes.)

Okay, shutting up now.
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If you live close to here:

Go to here:

Bistro Narra

And eat all the crepes!!!!! CirceInvidiosa and I went today and it was delicious!


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