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If this is a thing you do, do this thing!
three kings!

Otherwise, Christmas is officially over! Plan your 2017 accordingly!
Why are they still letting M. Night Shayamalan make movies? Every time I see an ad for Split my eyes roll so hard I feel nauseated. And I feel bad for James McAvoy. Then I remember his Xmen movies and feel less bad. My point? M. Night is a cool name, but his movies suck.
There was a front page story in today's paper - the last strip club in my town is about to close. When did we get so classy? WHEN???
hamilton strip
They have free customer parking and everything. And come on, that building is an architectural marvel. Condos?  Do we need more condos?


Gravity Falls
is pretty awesome. There is a Mystery Shack. Weird happenings. Aliens. Cryptozooology.  And it takes place in the very plausible state of Oregon. Someone should totally write an XF/GF cross-over.  Someone  who is not me, obvs.
I reorganized my spices today.  Oh yeah, cuz that is how I roll
And you????

Date: 2017-01-08 04:51 am (UTC)
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Darn. I did forget Epiphany. Maybe next year.

Today I made comments on [community profile] snowflake_challenge posts because that's what I signed up to do. They just keep a comin' too.


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