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...exactly when I slipped into this alternate universe.  And if it really is an alternate universe, how worried/upset/concerned/alarmed should I be?  Cuz, yeah, I am worried/upset/concerned/alarmed.  I'm just not sure about me levels, you know?

Any insight would be appreciated.

Date: 2017-01-31 03:48 pm (UTC)
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The alternative universe where Donald Trump won the US presidential election instead of Hillary Clinton? January 20th? November 7th? Take your pick.

How scared should you be? I would not let the events unfolding in the USA distract you from Canadian issues. For your personal safety? Do you live in Saskatchewan? Does your water supply depend on the safety of Canadian oil pipelines? If so, you could be in trouble. Water is life.

The world in general is in for a bumpy ride. I personally think things are going to get a lot worse than this before they get better, and that's assuming the Democrats can take back the Senate in 2018 and put the brakes on Trump and the Republican Congress, which is hardly assured. You see the protests on TV and they look very impressive but they're nearly all taking place in states or cities that Hillary Clinton won by a landslide.

Republicans think that their best chance of getting reelected is to go along with whatever Trump wants. They are probably right, if they represent a Red state or a Red district. The Muslim ban is playing very well with Trump's core supporters. So is the Wall.

I wish Calexit was a viable strategy. But they'll never let us go. We're a cash cow for the rest of the country. California provides 13% of tax revenue. We only get back 78 cents on the dollar. But I'll vote for Calexit when it goes on the ballot in 2018 just to rub it in Trump's face.


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